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There are a lot of people from all walks of life, from different parts of the world that play Rocket League. It’s fun and simple to understand, no wonder it’s still a relevant game despite being around for a while. Players take control of a rocket-powered car and their goal is to hit the ball and score a goal (no pun intended). Due to its popularity, the number of players that buy and sell Rocket League items has spiked, especially when the developers decided to make the game free-to-play. This makes it the perfect opportunity for sellers to get involved in Rocket League trading and sell their goods that they no longer have any use for. Since third-party marketplaces are a dime a dozen these days, it’s up to them where they want to set up their “shop”.

The Best Rocket League Items

For all of the players, climbing the ranked ladder in Rocket League is the most important aspect. The tedious climb can be quite the grind especially for those that are stuck in ELO hell, but the process always feels better if players look the part as well. While cosmetics and animations don’t bring anything beneficial to the table, they certainly know how to make a player feel a bit more special. Down below are some of the best items in Rocket League that prospective buyers would surely go gaga for.

1. Gold Rush

There are a lot of Boost Animations in Rocket League, but none compare to the greatness of the Gold Rush when talking about the distinction. Players that were around 2014 were the only ones who were able to get it since it was awarded to the alpha stage participants. Like all of the exclusive items, it’s impossible to receive the Gold Rush as an in-game drop, hence the only way to get it is through trading. The boost animation is the go-to for a few professional players as well, further highlighting its popularity.

2. White Hat Topper

There’s a lot of rare stuff when talking about Rocket League items, but none come close to being as elusive as the White Hat Topper. To be able to get the said item in the first place, players would need a couple of technical skills. This is because the White Hat Topper was only awarded to players who have found game-breaking bugs, exploits, and glitches in Rocket League. As a way of saying thanks, the developers awarded these players with this item. The White Hat Topper is tradeable; however, it’s almost impossible to find it in marketplaces. Since the supply of this item is extremely scarce, the only way to have a chance to get the White Hat Topper is by testing Rocket League for bugs daily. That’s quite the dedication to have, but if sellers truly want to bring home the bank, then this is their answer.

3. Dieci Wheels (Black)

Dieci Wheels are pretty common and most of the players already have them in their inventories, but it’s the different variations that are hard to come by. While the default Dieci Wheels are labeled as common, the painted ones can easily cost a pretty penny. By far, the Black Dieci Wheels are one of the most expensive wheels on the market. And the only way to get them is through trading, making it the perfect opportunity for sellers that have the item in their inventory to make a quick buck.

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