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How to Get Better At Rainbow Six Siege

Pointing a gun and shooting is easy, but knowing how to think and analyze each situation in a high-stakes game such as Rainbow Six Siege is a different matter altogether. As you know, the terrain constantly shifts in the game as the destructible walls present new routes and angles to work with. Plus, every operator has a different set of skills that you need to master.

Here’s what you need to know about how to get better in playing Rainbow Six Siege:

Be Familiar with the Map

One of the first things that you should do as soon as you make it to Rank 5 in the game’s progression is to explore the maps by setting up a custom multiplayer game. Doing so will help you get a better feel for the type of terrain you’ll be exploring, which walls are destructible, and where the objectives might be. It may even prevent future instances where enemies can lie in wait to surprise you.

The Right Setup, Teamwork, & Coordination

The majority of operators require coordination between teammates. Therefore, you need to be able to effectively communicate with your team. You should have the ability to talk verbally to ensure the enemy isn’t alerted to something you know and you’re not stopping to type in the chat. So wearing a headset with a microphone is a must when playing Rainbow Six Siege. It’s also worth noting that you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the controls since it could make the difference between seeing an enemy and eating a chock full of lead.

The Right Time to Engage and How to Move

Since R6 is a more tactical game compared to your usual FPS games, your movement can say a lot about your current position to the enemy. If you’re sprinting, chances are the enemy can hear you approaching. In order to avoid that, crouch as much as possible to reduce the noise. You do, however, want to keep moving where possible as sitting still and being spotted will only result in an easy kill for your enemy. This can be difficult if your operator is more of a gadget orientated defender, but the moment doesn’t have to be dramatic, you can just simply strafe side to side in order to ensure the enemy doesn’t know precisely where to shoot.

You can also create small holes in wooden walls to aim through or snipe your enemies. If an unsuspecting enemy wanders into that field of vision, you can take some wall/pot shots through them. This is useful since you can kill enemies without them knowing where you exactly are.

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