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Making Money Playing Pokemon Legends Arceus

Video games provide all kinds of entertainment and fun. That’s why the industry is so massive and diverse now. From beat-em-ups and shooters to RPGs and match-three puzzle games, there’s something for everyone. There may be elitist gamers that look down on ‘casual’ gamers, but that doesn’t change the fact that anyone who plays a game is a true gamer in some form.

One of the most common gamer dreams is to earn money while playing a game. While streamers can do this, there’s so much effort behind the scenes that it’s only feasible for a certain kind of person. Some may get by with winging their streams, but there’s a surprisingly well-thought-out plan behind the more successful ones. Plus, they must have a certain charisma to be able to draw viewers in.

Another method that allows players to earn while playing is the emergence of NFT games. By gathering a certain kind of resource, material, or item, players can earn cryptocurrency. This currency can be converted into other kinds of cryptocurrency which can then be used in online transactions. However, some of these games might require sizable capital to ‘invest’ into the game. It’s still a new system so there’s going to be bugs and kinks to smooth out before it becomes a truly viable method.

Fortunately, there’s an older method to earning real money while playing, and that’s by offering powerleveling or boosting services.

What Sellers Can Offer for Pokémon Arceus

Powerleveling service sellers can offer a variety of services, tailored for the game.

Leveling services are par for the course, though what exactly is being leveled up might differ. For some games, it’s the character, for others it’s the account. As for Pokémon, it’s the Pokémon that needs leveling or training.

EV training can also be a viable service to offer. In short, Effort Values (EVs) are points that can add to a Pokémon’s stat. Training distributes those points into stats, giving an edge over untrained Pokémon. This means catching or defeating a certain species of Pokémon (as different Pokémon award points for different stats).

Aside from that, there could be rare Pokémon hiding in secret, hidden places. These ones take some searching to find, and the buyer might not know how to get them but still want the Pokémon. They may also want a shiny Pokémon but not through trading. This ties into a Pokedex completion service, where the main goal is catching them all. For sellers, trading has to be negotiated as some buyers might want to do the trades themselves.

Services to defeat tough foes are also a possibility. Maybe there’s a mechanic player couldn’t solve, or their Pokémon weren’t up to battling (which would actually lead back to a leveling service). An alternative to this service is letting buyers get past a progression stage they got stuck in.

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