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Selling Pokemon Legends Arceus Items

From humble PokeBall to much needed Full Restores and Max Revives, items are the lifeblood of trainers. Some of these are harder to find than others, which can make procuring supplies to survive battles quite difficult. With the trainer as an added factor in battles, they’re going to need recovery items more than the usual games of the franchise.

Sellers can help out others by selling Pokemon Arceus items. While supplies and recovery items are always good, there’s something even better that sellers can offer.

Sell Pokemon Legends Arceus Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon are always in demand. Since trainers can go through whole generations without encountering one (outside of link battles), their rarity can drive prices through the roof. There isn’t much difference between a shiny Pokemon and a not shiny one, but some players live for the aesthetics. Who doesn’t want a shiny black and yellow Luxray or a pink Ampharos?

Typically, there’s a 1 in 8192 chance that any Pokemon encountered is shiny. The real problem is getting that shiny Pokemon to be capturable or to be legendary. Truly unlucky players might see their first shiny as a Pokemon owned by an enemy trainer. Worse, it’s possible for the one the professor shows at the beginning of the game to be shiny. In both of these situations, that Pokemon is not capturable or obtainable by any means.

There are ways to increase the chances of encountering a shiny but completing the PokeDex or chaining the Poke Radar (like in BDSP) can be tedious processes. Besides that, those methods probably aren’t in Arceus or will have a different form. Still, it’s going to take some effort to encounter these rare Pokemon, especially if hunting for a very specific one.

Sell Pokemon Arceus Legendary Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon will still feature in this game, it is, after all, named after one. With that, it should be enough reason for sellers to offer legendary Pokemon for sale. They’re the most powerful ones and should fetch a high price among buyers.

And if they can get these Pokemon as shiny, it’ll be like icing on a cake. Sure, some legendaries are shiny-locked, which means that they can’t be caught legally as shiny. However, it can be very profitable to offer these shiny legendaries as many buyers would love these rare and powerful Pokemon.

Selling 6IV Pokemon

The other direction is going for 6IV Pokemon. IVs, or Individual Values, dictate how a Pokemon’s stats will grow. Having 6 IVs means that the Pokemon would grow to have more points across all six stats than one with fewer IVs.

Unfortunately, this is a hidden value and ratings would only say bad to perfect IVs. These values are also set upon obtaining the Pokemon, which means there’s no way to manipulate them like EVs (Effort Values). Trading will not reset IVs, as those are set when the original owner caught the Pokemon.

Most trainers will breed Pokemon until they get these 6 perfect IVs, though they can also just as well as trade for them. Sellers offering these Pokemon can earn a tidy sum, and all it would take is a bit of breeding. It’s a more preferable method to catching Pokemon, as trainers can exert a bit of control with the IVs of the resulting Pokemon using some items.

Whatever sellers choose to sell, they can maximize their profits by taking note of the above information. Otherwise, they might end up offering run-of-the-mill items and not get enough interest from buyers.

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