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Selling Pokémon Arceus Accounts

While Pokémon games are all about ‘catching them all’, some players just don’t have time for it. Rarer Pokémon may need some extra steps to encounter and even following those don’t guarantee the encounter, much less ensure you’ll have enough Pokéballs and luck to catch them. Who can forget Snorlax breaking free at the third bounce for the twentieth time?

And it doesn’t help that shiny Pokémon are like comets in terms of rarity. Sure, generation 6 doubled the chances of encountering one, to 1 in every 4096, but it’s still a low chance and many people will play through multiple generations of Pokémon games without ever encountering one. It goes without saying that “catching them all” takes a lot of patience and luck.

Some players don’t like to put in that kind of effort, while others enjoy it. Those in the latter group have the option of providing the former with Pokémon Arceus accounts with a complete Pokedex, or a bundle of rare Pokémon. Trading is an option in the game, but when talking about a whole PokéDex’s worth of Pokémon, that’s inefficient. Sellers can sell premade accounts, and buyers can enjoy the game without having to jump through hoops.

Other than Pokémon, there are some event-only items (mostly clothing) that can be easily missed as well. When the codes aren’t available anymore, these items can make an account increase in value. Some of these items are linked to another game’s save file on the device, but that requires having bought that other game as well. Selling these kinds of accounts makes it convenient for the buyer to get items like these without having met the prerequisites.

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