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Why Do Players Sell Pixel Worlds Accounts?

Shaping worlds, however, takes much time for many reasons. Lots of players would love to flex their creative muscles, but they do not have the time or patience to break down the blocks that come with a world by default, gather the necessary seeds and blocks, and rearrange them according to their liking. For that, there are those that sell Pixel Worlds Account.

Apart from seeds, rocks, bushes, and other resources, players can also gather gems, the in-game currency, from gem soil blocks. On top of that, players can also get gem soil blocks, place them in the world, and harvest them again.

Nevertheless, despite the steady stream of gems, farming it is still quite the challenge due to the monotony, as well as the sheer time needed to farm in order to sustain a sufficient amount. Alternatively, players can purchase gems for real-life money from the in-game shop. Otherwise, they might just look for accounts being posted by sellers.

That is where sellers come in. This is because gems are not tradable. Instead, a Pixel Worlds Account can be sold for the gems in it. In the same vein, a Pixel Worlds Account can also be sold for the items in it, especially those that were bought via the in-game shop using gems.

Speaking of gems, another factor that helps sell an account would be VIP status. This grants players access to the VIP area of the PixelStation. There, they can spin the VIP Daily Bonus, where lucky players can win exclusive prizes, and the luckiest of them can win a grand prize. There is a grand prize every month, so VIP players are encouraged to spin every day.

Apart from that, being a VIP grants 2000 gems a day, which means players can choose not to go through the tedious process of farming gems. There are varying tiers of VIP subscription, and the difference of each is the duration of the subscription. Diamond VIP is the highest tier and has the longest duration, 365 days. It’s also the cheapest of the tiers on a per-day basis. Players that want to sell Pixel Worlds Accounts are recommended to get a Diamond VIP subscription to further bump up the account’s price.

Finally, another reason players sell Pixel Worlds Accounts are battle cards. Much like real-life trading cards, they function the same way: players get a deck or a booster pack and then battle with fellow players. The rarer and the more relevant in combat the cards are, the higher the more valuable the account will be.

While sellers are not required to take up this content, doing so will greatly bump up the price and attract potential buyers. This is because it’s turning out to be one of the more popular kinds of content, and it’s not unlikely for it to continue to do so for a long time.

Setting Prices on Pixel Worlds Account

Sellers have the freedom to put any price on their Pixel Worlds Account. Most of them, however, will ensure that they keep it close to its actual value. In turn, its value is determined by the following factors:

  • Arrangement of world/worlds in account
  • Total value of items – includes Battle Cards
  • Total value of gems
  • VIP subscription status

The better or higher these traits are, the likelier it is for the account to be sold at a higher price.

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