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There are many skills to grind for in Palia. There are the usual suspects like Mining, Fishing, and Hunting. Then there are the more unique skills such as Furniture Making and Insect Catching. With eight skills in the game, sellers can offer their boosting services to buyers looking for someone to manage their character.

How to Level Up Palia Skills Quickly

Take Advantage of Fast Travel

As sellers complete tasks of a specific skill, it’ll level up. Harvesting crops will increase one’s farming skill. Mining nodes will level up the mining skill, and so on. To get things started, clearing out the farm is an excellent way to get basic resources while leveling up multiple skills. Then, once players have tidied up the home plot, they can proceed to the open world map.

The main gripe of gamers in Palia about the map is that travel can be time-consuming. You’ll need to do a lot of running to search for trees to chop, rocks to mine, and lakes to fish on. Thankfully, you can go to the fast-travel locations; these are marked with a horseshoe on your map. Players can get around quicker than wearing themselves out by paying a small fee. There’s also a “Return Home” button, which can be found at the top right corner of your map, to travel back home instantly, but it has a 30-minute cooldown.

Don’t Lose Focus

Another tip is to be mindful of the Focus meter. Focus is a unique mechanic in Palia that helps players increase their XP skill gain. By having a full bar, a player’s additional XP gain is increased further, making leveling skills much easier.

The bar can hold up to 200 hours at the start of the game, but this can be increased by visiting shrines. There are two shrines in Palia which players can commune for Focus:

  • Phoenix Shrine – Increases Focus bonus by 5% each time.
  • Dragon Shrine – Increase max Focus by 50 each time.

For those that want to increase their skills quickly, it’s recommended to commune at one of these shrines, as it’s a good investment and saves time.

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