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There’s only one way players can get gold in Palia, and that’s through grinding. Thankfully, there are multiple options within that category they can take. For example, Palians can utilize the Hunting skill as their main method to get gold. They can also choose the Cooking profession if they find that more fun. Either way, the end of it results in hours of running around the in-game world, either looking for things to mine/chop down or gather as ingredients.

If sellers have an influx of gold, they can share it with other players by selling Palia gold to buyers interested in getting the in-game currency with real money. The only real difficulty behind giving the gold to a buyer is that both parties will have to be on the same server, which isn’t an easy feat since a server in Palia can only hold up to 30 people.

The Fastest Ways to Get Gold in Palia

Everyone wants to know the secret of how to earn gold quickly in Palia. By using different skills such as Bug Catching, Foraging, Mining, Hunting, and many more, sellers can get thousands, if not millions, of gold in their pockets. Here are some ways on how to get gold in Palia:

Host or Join Cake Parties

A Cake Party in Palia requires players to gather in one player’s (the host) housing plot to make Celebration Cakes. This is arguably one of the best money-making methods in Palia right now—at least until Singularity Six decides to nerf the cakes.

The process starts with the host setting up stations for each cake ingredient. Each guest must stand at their designated station and fulfill their role in the party. As long as players help out while the cake is being done, they’ll get the full reward as if they cooked it all by themselves.

Here are the roles sellers can choose from when joining/hosting Cake Parties, as well as the ingredients each role needs:

  • Starters – One person. Must have the Celebration Cake recipe and 50 star quality Blueberries.
  • Leafers – Consist of four people, each having 50 Sweet Leafs to contribute.
  • Batterers – Consist of three people. Must have 50 Eggs, 50 Butter, and 50 Flour combined.
  • Frosters – One person. Must have 50 Butter and 50 Milk.
  • Bakers – Consist of three people. They’re capable of baking the cakes using the oven.
  • Jammers – Consist of three people. Must have 50 Apple Jam or 50 Blueberry Jam combined.


Cakes can sell for tens of thousands of gold if sellers choose the baker role. However, if they put the cakes through Glow Worm Farms or Worm Farms, they can get up to 97,000g in one sitting.

Hunting Chapaas and Sernuks

The best thing about Hunting in Palia is that anyone can start doing it as soon as they get to Kilima Village. Sellers can unlock their bow early on after placing a tent on their housing plot, of which they’ll get a Makeshift Bow from Hassian.

By crafting some Makeshift Arrows and hunting Chapaas and Sernuks, sellers can start selling their meat and fur for gold. Once they level their Hunting skill up a few times, players will unlock the recipe for Standard Arrows, making hunting Sernuk easier since they must be hit a couple of times before they go down.

Earning Passive Income Through Gardening

Gardening allows players to earn gold passively while running around the in-game world. To start, sellers must plant tomatoes since they yield the best profits. A Yield Boost Fertilizer can get them much better results since it increases the crop’s quality.

To get the most out of everything, it’s recommended that players have a Seed Collector, which is a special machine that can churn out seeds depending on which crop you put into it. That way, sellers don’t have to purchase seeds from Badruur repeatedly and waste their gold. As long as they don’t forget to water and fertilize their crops, players can earn a killing through Gardening.

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