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Why Sell Palia Items?

Palia is a very casual but grindy game. Players focus mainly on gathering materials to create various things and progressing through the lore. Most of their time will be spent looking for specific items and resources. Unfortunately, the materials in Palia are not that easy to come by. 

As players progress through the game, weapons, tools, and other craftable items require more complex and rarer materials. In addition, ingredients are used more significantly, meaning they should consistently farm resources to ensure they don't run out. This situation creates a huge market for sellers who have excess items on their hands.

Sellers can earn IRL money by selling resources to other people and sending them to them via requests. With the vast number of projects that need to be fulfilled in Palia, gamers will need all the materials they can get. Sellers can use this to earn money and help other people in need. 

What are the Rarest Resources in Palia?

Sellers can increase their chances of finding customers if they offer some of the rarest materials in Palia. These items are hard to come by or do not spawn as frequently as other resources. Here are the rarest things you can sell for IRL money:

  • Palium Ore
  • Gold Ore
  • Ancient Seeds
  • Legendary Fish
  • Mythical Gems
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