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Sell Paladins Gold to Players

Gold enables players to get more access to in-game content and cosmetics; there’s a reason why it’s the most well-known currency in Paladins. Unfortunately, making in-game currency in Paladins (like in most competitive games these days) is getting good and playing a lot. Not everyone has the time to play, giving rise to Paladins sellers specializing in sourcing the game's currencies for potential buyers.

By selling Paladins Gold to players, they’ll not only be helping them get all of their Champions and skins right away, but sellers get to earn something from it as well. Although this means that sellers will be doing the hard work, there are a couple of ways to maximize the Gold (and Crystals) they gain while playing.

Filling Up the Quotas

If sellers want to earn as much Gold as they can consistently, they must fill in their quotas. Paladins give out free Gold for playing two matches of each game type every day, including the vs-AI modes. So, if they’re in the mood to practice using different builds against bots, they stand to make some Gold while doing it. Plus, while doing so, they’re raising their account level, which rewards sellers with Gold.

Since sellers will be playing Paladins to meet their quotas, they might as well finish their daily quests. Daily quests give a decent amount of Gold and Event Pass experience – these can be completed in bot matches.

Get the Event Pass

Grinding Paladin’s Event Pass is the best way to get Gold and Crystals. Since the progression update that Hi-Rez introduced in 2020, all of the currency that players used to get from daily login rewards is now included in the free track of the Event Pass. If sellers opt to get the Event Pass, they can easily net a lot of currency and cosmetics should they finish it. Now that grinding out the Paladins Battle Pass is a much more manageable and deliberate task, the new system is easier to work with. That makes alone makes completing the Event Pass a matter of planning.

By using these helpful tips, sellers can efficiently make gold to sell to buyers.

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