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About Selling Marauders Items

As a looter shooter with elements of Escape from Tarkov, Marauders items are essential for survival. From weapons and armor to loot to be traded for cash, all players need them. However, finding a specific gun or ammunition can sometimes be challenging.

Sellers help buyers out by offering those hard-to-find or hard-to-farm items. Moreover, they get real-world money from the trade, which is always good.

Marauders Items to Sell

When in doubt, here are some Marauders items to sell for real money.

  • BAR (weapon) - one of the best guns in the game. It can fit various mods for different uses and can be an excellent all-around weapon for raiding.
  • Capital Frigate - the largest and most powerful ship found in the game.
  • Commando Backpack - the best backpack with 25 slots, perfect for the looting aspect of Marauders.
  • Full Panzer Armor - no other armor in the game trumps this one.
  • Consumables and Ammo - since they’re a finite resource, there will always be a demand for these items.

Unconventional Trading

As the game doesn’t have player-to-player trading (yet?), sellers must be creative to find a workaround. Others have found that accompanying the buyer to obtain these items through raiding is a good enough substitute. For now, that’s how trading will have to be in-game.

For anything else, the online marketplace will handle it. Superb data security, a bustling trading community, and the lack of subscription fees make it a perfect environment to set up a shop. Sellers can enjoy their profits in peace.

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