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About Selling Marauders Dollars (Credits) for Real Money

Money is vital for progress in both the real world and video games. That said, sometimes players do not have enough, so they turn to Marauders Cash sellers. Since the game does not have a direct player-to-player trading system, sellers must offer a service to farm the required Marauders Dollars through raids.

The Best Marauders Dollars Farming Spot

Although many prefer going after main targets and Merchant Ships, damaged Capital Ships offer some expensive gear for trading. It also comes with the bonus that there will be less competition for the loot because most players will be on the other kinds of raids.

Damaged Capital Ships don’t move, have smoke pouring out of them, and have active turrets. They usually hang about near the primary target. Every raid does not guarantee to spawn one. Don’t mistake player-controlled ships or other kinds for it! If one doesn’t generate, try the vessels around the map.

Sellers must guide buyers to the following to get the most out of raiding a damaged Capital Ship:

  • Commando loot
    • Full Panzer Armor
    • Panzer Armor
    • Heavy/Light Stahlhelm helmet
    • Krasa Rifle
    • MG-42
    • STG-44
  • E. Intel documents

Commandos are high-leveled A.I., so don’t underestimate them. The documents are worth 7k cash when traded, so don’t miss it! Minimize losses by bringing a pistol or some other weak weapon and a decent backpack so the armor will fit with the rest of the loot. Escape pods are usually at the top of the ship.

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