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About Selling Marauders Account

Marauders account sellers usually have the problem of a fair price. Setting it too high will turn buyers away from it. However, setting it too low would mean they can’t get any profit from it. Additionally, virtual items don’t have a standard value that can be used as a baseline. Fortunately, here is a short guide to help.

Pricing a Marauders Account

There are a few characteristics that buyers look for in an account, depending on their preferences.

  • Progression (how far the account has come; the further, the more expensive)
  • Items and Inventory (rare or limited items can drive up the account’s price)
  • Resources (having cash or crafting materials on hand means less farming on the buyer’s end)

In summary, the more convenience the account offers, the higher its price can be. That’s why the ‘Fresh Start’ type can be cheap. They are practically blank slates, and the buyer must be the one to put effort into them. In contrast, high-leveled accounts are more pricey due to the time and effort invested to get it that far.

As for items, rare ones do increase the price of the account, but most buyers would go for convenience. They’d rather get to the meat of the action and avoid farming, which is why having a good stock of currency or crafting materials can be valuable.

Still, it depends on the preference of the buyer. For anything else a seller needs, the trading platform will have it all.

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