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Why Sell Lineage 2m Accounts?

The newest addition to the Lineage franchise seems to be gaining attention and might be able to emulate its predecessor’s success. As Lineage 2m becomes more popular, players will be wanting to try out the game in order to experience its gameplay. However, gamers might find that Lineage 2m's level requirement is a big wall that they need to face in order to access and enjoy much of its content. Lineage 2m is an extremely grindy and routine game to play due to how the leveling system or progression works. Unfortunately, not all players have enough time to grind countless hours for the game, and not all gamers can constantly farm every day to optimize the daily resets of the quests and dungeons.

Sellers can make this big hurdle an opportunity to earn a profit by selling Lineage 2m accounts with high-level characters. Characters above level 50 and have the most preferred classes or jobs can be easily sold to eager customers. In addition, having high-level quality Agathions will surely increase the profit to be earned from these transactions.

Which Characters to Level Up for Profit?

In Lineage 2m, certain classes are preferred over others due to their role or niche in different aspects of the game. Some jobs are better at PvE while some are better in the PvP scene. These differences in relevance or niche can influence the desirability of certain classes. Here are some of the best classes in either PvP or PvE:


  • Human Cleric
  • Elf Oracle
  • Dark Elf Oracle
  • Dwarf Cleric


  • Human Raider
  • Elf Seeker
  • Dark Elf Assassin
  • Dwarf Rogue

The classes listed for these races are only the first available profession or the starting profession. As characters level up, they can enhance or rank up their jobs to the second and then third professions which will give gamers stronger stats and skills.

Which Agathions to Go For?

Sellers who have enough resources to pull Agathions should always look for the best ones to increase the prices of their offers. These hovering companions provide players with various buffs or passives that will benefit their overall gaming experience. To know which ones are good and can increase the prices of the accounts being sold, sellers will only have to look at the rarity of the Agathions they have. Purple Agathions are the rarest and most sought after. This rarity is followed by Red Agathions. Blue would be the third rarest type of Agathions, while green ones are the basic types.

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