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Earn Money Playing Lineage 2M

Lineage 2m aims to be a popular and cult classic MMORPG much like its predecessors in the Lineage franchise. The game is becoming increasingly successful as more players join in every day. Like any MMO game, Lineage 2m requires players to spend hundreds of hours to level up their characters. This can become a problem for many gamers as they might find that they are starting to become exhausted and burn out. Gamers who are looking to sell their piloting services will find no shortage of players who want to level their accounts with real-world money.

How to Level Up in Lineage 2M?

Lineage 2m has two optimal ways of leveling fast in the game. For those looking to sell their boosting services, they should make sure that they complete these activities daily to make sure they make the most out of these features. Here are the two ways that players should do daily:

  • Oracle Quest – Oracle quests are daily tasks or challenges issued by the Oracle. These quests contain considerable experience points and other special items as rewards. These tasks can be completed 10 times per day and will refresh the following day. These missions will also refresh upon leveling up, so power levelers need to make sure that they can finish these daily tasks every day.
  • Dungeon – Players can gain tons of loot and exp points by challenging dungeons. By using their available access time, gamers can enter dungeons and finish their runs to receive their rewards. Power levelers will need to have the resources to recharge their access times as depleting this resource will prevent them from entering any dungeons. Sellers should make the most out of this feature because it is one of the main methods to level up faster.
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