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Sell Last Epoch Accounts On the Cycle and Legacy Realm 

It’s not enough to have just one character in Last Epoch—sometimes players need two or three to experiment with other classes and Masteries. They can cover their bases by selling Last Epoch accounts available for the Cycle and Legacy Realm. With the economy and leaderboards reset, the Cycle Realm offers a fresh start for anyone who wants a new environment. Meanwhile, the Legacy Realm is where players can access their stashes and previous characters. Leaderboards are not included in this realm. 

Cycle characters are moved to the Legacy Realm when the current Cycle ends, which happens around every 3-4 months. 

Tips On Creating the Best Character 

  • Get Unique items early. Early in the game, in the Council Chambers, you’ll be given a quest to retrieve Erza’s Ledger. It’s a quest that rewards you with one of two Unique items, depending on who you give the ledger to. Both items are great for leveling, but pick the one that works for your build. 
  • Use a loot filter. As players progress through the game, they’ll realize that not all loot is worth picking up. Using the in-game loot filter, sellers can hide the loot that is useful to them and the ones they should sell. It also allows players to save time by targeting the loot they need for crafting. 
  • Don’t be afraid to respec. Players will earn skill points they can spend in their passive skill trees and Mastery trees. They can add the points to the skills they think will help their character to become more powerful. If sellers don’t like their current build, they can always respec their points with the respec NPCs.  
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