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Last Epoch unique skill levelling progression system gives players plenty of power that further enhances the class fantasy with additional elemental damage, new skill interactions, and other interesting passives that change up the way their skills play. However, they each require grinding for experience and levels in order to reach the full 20 points for a fully fleshed-out skill. Even when reaching the end of Last Epoch’s campaign, players will still need to level more of their skills to experience it all. Some players are willing to hire an experienced power leveller who can help min-max their accounts to reach not only the highest-class level but also get all their skills levelled to 20. 

How To Level Up Quickly and Efficiently 

Last Epoch has 3 different activities to play after finishing the campaign. The first and main activity for end game is the Monoliths of Fate. Clearing an Echo within the Monolith of Fate will provide experience points simply from engaging with the content. But, there will be some Echoes that provide a Tomes of Experience bonus once it is completed. This will prove to be one of the best ways to grind EXP. If you happen to receive an experience gain modifier within an Echo that is also rewarding players with Tomes of Experience that will provide some of the largest EXP gains that Last Epoch has to offer. 

The next activity is the Endless Arena. Here, players will deal with endless waves of enemies that get progressively harder as each wave approaches. This game mode provides a consistent amount of experience that scales with the levels of the mobs constantly spawning around you. 

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