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Granblue Fantasy is one of Japan’s most popular gaming franchises and its popularity is slowly increasing in the West. This is the best time to sell Granblue Fantasy accounts and relieve the new players from the stress of grinding for hours by immediately giving them access to powerful characters and weapons! So what are you waiting for? Sell your accounts in PlayerAuctions now!

How to Sell Granblue Fantasy Accounts for Money

To sell Granblue Fantasy accounts, simply follow these steps:

  1. Register/login as a seller.
  2. Post your offers to our Granblue Fantasy accounts page through our system. You may enable our instant delivery option beforehand. In doing so, we will be delivering the account details in your place once there’s a buyer.
  3. When there’s a buyer, send the account information such as the username, e-mail, and password to them via our onsite messenger. Disregard this if you plan to use our instant delivery service.
  4. Wait for the buyer to log into the account to verify if it is as described on the offer you have posted. Once they’re satisfied with their purchase, wait for them to confirm to our system for your payment to be sent.

More About Granblue Fantasy

Role-playing games are abundant thanks to more unusual yet charming franchises coming over to Western shores. An example of that would be the Romancing Saga series. Much like some noteworthy names like Final Fantasy, these types of games have already existed for more than a decade. In fact, they’ve been around since the Super Nintendo days when you had to slot in a big, bulky cartridge inside the console (not before giving the underside a good blow)! Although Granblue Fantasy has only been around for a few years or so, it has been doing rather well.

Released in March 2014, Granblue Fantasy can be played on PC, iOS, or Android. Turn-based battles are its meat and potatoes, so fans of this type of genre will feel at home with this game. One of the reasons people play Granblue Fantasy is perhaps because of the presence of music composer Nobuo Uematsu, who is responsible for creating one of the most memorable scores in some Final Fantasy games. Other than that, Grandblue Fantasy is a strategy RPG that encourages grinding, reliance on luck when it comes to getting stronger characters, and pay-to-win scenarios.

How to Get More Customers

Getting your customers’ attention can be tough—especially if you’ve got stiff competition. To help with that, we’ve prepared a few tips that you can implement when selling Granblue Fantasy accounts! Here’s how you can get the attention of buyers and hopefully make a sale by the end of the day:

  1. Have Strong Characters

    The one with the best characters paired with a competitive pricepoint ultimately wins the attention of the potential buyers. Having strong characters not only bumps up the price of the accounts that you’re selling, but they’re popular in general as well. This is because Granblue Fantasy relies on the gacha system, wherein instead of buying specific characters that you’d like to be on your team, you’ll be getting a random drop. Basically, the gacha system is a test of luck. You either get a strong character or you don’t. Earning currency can be tough, so not everyone has the privilege to re-roll again and again.

  1. Upgrade Your Characters’ Weapon

    What’s the use of popular and strong characters if they don’t have the right tools to back their strength up? Gathering the right weapons based on a character’s weapon type can get you through battles with ease and lets you take advantage of your opponent’s elemental weaknesses. Moreover, raising your weapon skill level is the best way to increase your maximum damage output. Leveling up weapons can take time. Especially since in every succeeding weapon upgrade you do, your success rate will be reduced—which means having more chances for you to fail in leveling up your respective weapons.

  1. Acquire Event-Only Characters

    Not only are events an excellent source of crystals for players, but for weapons and characters as well. Luckily for you, events in Granblue Fantasy happen frequently; almost every two weeks or so there’s a collaboration event that’s happening. Events-only characters (commonly known as SR unique characters) can be obtained during this time, so be sure to always be updated whenever there’s a special event coming up. Even a new player can get rewards, even if they’re outshined by veterans.

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