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Sell Gran Turismo 7 Credits to Players

Credits are a player’s best friend in Gran Turismo 7. Without the currency’s help, they won’t be able to buy the parts they need to deck out their favorite cars. Credits are also used to acquire the new cars, with some costing up to tens of millions of GT7’s official currency. Players can certainly just purchase all the Credits they need in the in-game store, but they’ll be missing out on discounted offers. As such, some turn to deal with sellers in third-party marketplaces.

If buyers were to just use the in-game store to say, purchase enough Credits to get them a 1929 Mercedes Benz S Barker Tourner (which costs 20 million Credits), they’d have to spend nearly 200 bucks. If sellers offer much reasonable prices outside of the game, they can easily make a profit from it.

Farming Credits in Gran Turismo 7

It’s no secret that GT7, much like its other games, requires a lot of grinding. While it’s certainly easy for fans of the Gran Turismo franchise to do so, it’s understandable that it can be seen as a bother for many others. Ultimately, it’s important to note that sellers must be able to farm Credits efficiently, repetition is key – this is the biggest factor of them all. Repeating races in Gran Turismo 7 is normal; it’s certainly going to take a bit of time to master certain tracks, but once they do, it’ll be an absolute breeze.

The point of doing the same races repeatedly is to win races. Winning races in GT7 helps build up a seller’s credit balance. The World Circuit, most notably, is where some of the biggest payouts can be found, if sellers constantly snag first place. Some races only take a short amount of time to complete, and while these don’t give as much Credit compared to the longer ones, it’s sizable enough where sellers can rinse and repeat the process without feeling too burnt out.

If races aren’t their jam, sellers can complete licensing tests instead. These tests are a way to measure one’s driving capabilities – think of it as going into mini-boss battles. By completing licensing tests, sellers get to unlock higher-paying tracks, which in turn will offer them more Credits. If sellers list their credit offers at reasonable prices, and have a consistent way of farming them, they are sure to turn a profit.

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