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To say that there’s been a ‘long wait’ for a new Gran Turismo game would be equivalent to saying the sky is blue. With Gran Turismo 6 launching on the PS3 way back in 2013, needless to say, the fans have been waiting for almost a decade for its sequel, Gran Turismo 7, to arrive. With over 97 circuits spread across 34 locations, a whole world of motorsport to explore, and over 400 cars available at launch, Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 7 is the latest (and arguably the most impressive) entry in PlayStation’s iconic racing game series.

Collecting Cars for Gran Turismo 7 Accounts

The best way for a seller to catch the attention of potential buyers in Gran Turismo 7 is to have a lot of cars. GT7 boasts a whopping 420 cars to collect, and there are many ways to get them in the game. For starters, sellers can head over to Brand Central, a shopping mall that has over 60 automobile brands; they can purchase over 300 post-2011 cars here. If they’re looking for something that’s a bit more vintage side, the Used Cars Dealer is the place to go to as it has cars that have been discontinued for a long time. The lineup would be updated every day, and Japanese historic cars in the ‘80s and ‘90s are also available.

Customizing in GT7

If it’s customization players are looking for in a racing game, boy are they in for a treat. GT7 offers the deepest and most meaningful level of car ownership in the series yet. Turning makes a welcome return to the series this time around, and it takes place on a set of screens designed for ease of use and quick changes. Players don’t need to fumble around to try to get a hang of things in the game – they can quickly run a simulation based on weight, power, and grip to generate the performance number.

The Tuning Shop is the ideal place for any player to get tuning parts in Gran Turismo 7. Engines, brakes, tires, suspensions; they’ve got it all. In addition, this is also where they can purchase the turbocharger, supercharger, rigidity increase, and weight reduction mods. Possessing any of these mods allows sellers to increase the price on their Gran Turismo 7 accounts.

For those that love to dress up their car, the GT Auto has over 130 wheels and 600 aero parts available for purchase. Other options such as oil change, painting, livery editing, and car wash can be done here.

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