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Fortnite has become a huge phenomenon in the gaming industry. With so many players around the world taking part in this battle royale game, it’s easy to find buyers who are looking for Fortnite items on its Save the World mode, its story campaign. If you have an array of guns, ores, and crystals for not only for PC users but also for PS4 and Xbox gamers, PlayerAuctions is the perfect place to sell your Fortnite goods.

How Do I Sell My Fortnite Items for Real Money?

To sell your Fortnite items, follow these steps:

  1. Log in or register as a seller.
  2. Post all the Fortnite items you have for sale on our Fortnite Items sell page.
  3. Once a buyer is interested, we will contact you through your e-mail.
  4. Deliver the items to the buyer’s account in-game.
  5. Collect your payment on your AmazonPay or bank account.

How is In-Game Delivery Done for Fortnite Items?

  1. Provide the buyer your Epic ID.
  2. Send the buyer a friend request in game in order for them to receive the item.
  3. Set a specific time and place/map for you both to meet.
  4. 4. Release the item the buyer bought from your inventory for them to pick it up.

For PC – email address of your Epic account.

For PS4 – PSN ID

For Xbox One – Xbox Live ID

Why Sell Fortnite Weapons Here?

Not only do we have a customer support team ready to help you if you run into problems, but we also have the PlayerGuardian system that prevents hacking and phishing on our website. We keep our community tight-knitted with buyers leaving a rating to sellers and get a chance to review the ratings from other sellers as well! We also have low commission rates for sellers like you, so you get to keep most of your cash.

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