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Fortnite has become a huge phenomenon in the gaming industry. With so many players around the world taking part in this battle royale game, it’s easy to find buyers who are looking for Fortnite items on its Save the World mode, its story campaign. If you have an array of guns, ores, and crystals not only for PC users but also for PS4 and Xbox gamers, the online marketplace is the perfect place to sell your Fortnite goods.

Why Sell Fortnite Weapons?

There can be many reasons to sell Fortnite Weapons. One is helping others. Another is that you're quitting and want others to make use of these items. No matter the reason, player-to-player trading can be a lucrative activity.

Fortnite Weapons to Sell

Unlike the Battle Royale version of the game, Save The World weapons can be traded to other players and used in later campaigns. Having a trusty weapon on hand can spell the success or failure of the mission's objective, so these weapons will be handy in whatever mission players go on.

Here are the best weapons in STW.

  • Thrasher - This SMG looks the simplest of all weapons. There are no frills or decorations on it, and it's straight up the strongest SMG stat-wise. By using a Critical Damage focused perk set, it can destroy anything in its way, almost like a laser.
  • Ratatat - Thrasher may be the strongest SMG, but Ratatat's in another league on its own. Sure, it needs a little TLC, but with the right perks that make use of its buff, it becomes a powerhouse almost stronger than the above gun.
  • Ground Pounder - Shotguns are powerful guns in STW. All of them can shred monsters like it's nobody's business. However, Ground Pounder is a step up from all others due to its versatility and high raw damage. It gets even better with the correct perks but requires good situational awareness to be used properly.
  • Siegebreaker - The Siegebreaker is the ol' reliable of assault rifles. Players may need a bit of recoil control perks, but it deals reliable damage even without the use of perks. It's a great weapon for those only starting out.
  • Vacuum Tube Bow - There will come a time that players can no longer one-shot monsters. The solution to this is to use area-of-effect weapons. Among those, the Vacuum Tube Bow is one of the best ones. It has a passive skill that makes lightning arc from the hit target to six others nearby, making it a great AoE bow.
  • Neon Sniper Rifle - Sniper rifles already excel in dealing single-target damage, but the Neon Sniper Rifle takes it to another level. With a thermal scope and the ability to shoot through walls, it's a weapon to take on all kinds of missions.
  • Spectral Blade - Unlike in Battle Royale, melee weapons have more use in STW. The Spectral Blade can help in the early game in its base form. However, it starts to shine with the correct perks. One of the most recommended ones is the damage-stacking perks, as this lets the player demolish enemies in close combat.

Of course, different players have different preferences, so it's still good to sell weapons that aren't included in this list. It's all on how the players want to use certain perks or weapons. Mythical and Legendary weapons are even more valuable since they're quite rare and hard to get.

About Selling Fortnite Weapons

Sellers prefer selling their Fortnite weapons on a reliable marketplace. With security, community, and freedom, it's where they get the most out of their sales. Security systems guarantee their pay, the community provides the buyers, and freedom in setting prices keeps things fair. They'll lack for nothing in the online marketplace.

At any rate, enjoy Fortnite's Save The World mode!

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