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Wondering where to sell your fortnite account? Try here, nowhere else is better than PlayerAuctions to sell on. Read on how you can sell your fortnite account for cash here and why it's the best place to sell.

How to Sell Your Fortnite Account for Real Money

  1. 1. First, register.
  2. It's free, and keeping an account doesn't require a subscription fee or anything. If you have registered, move on to the next step.

  3. 2. Second, make an offer.
  4. Name your offer in such a way to attract buyers. What are skins or items the account holds? Those are the information buyers look for, so don't forget to put those in your title. You can even choose to price your account however you want. Just go with how much you feel it is worth.

  5. 3. Third, set a delivery method.
  6. Manual delivery means you will have to send the account information to the buyer yourself. You'll set a time limit for delivery, and the information has to be sent within that time. Instant delivery means you have to send us the information, and we'll be the ones to send it to the buyer. No need for you to do anything. It's more convenient for you, but we're not stopping you from choosing manual delivery.

When a buyer takes your offer, just send them the account information (if manual) or wait for the delivery confirmation (if instant). Once you get the confirmation, your disbursement will follow.

Here at PlayerAuctions, our customers' security is our priority. 1.2 million and counting registered users can testify that we provide a safe and reliable player-to-player trading platform. So what are you waiting for? Sell your Fortnite accounts now, and get profit.