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In 2022, 21,988 sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Sell an Epic Games Account

No longer need your Epic Games Account? Is it just sitting there gathering dust? Well, turn that old pile of dust into cold-hard cash!

The Epic Games Store has been growing in popularity and is now a serious challenger of other popular digital game storefronts, notably, Steam. With more and more buyers increasingly searching for a well-stocked Epic account, now is a great time to sell Epic Games Accounts.

When looking for Epic Accounts, there’s a few things that buyers are often interested in. One of the most important of these is the games on the account. Epic exclusives are always pretty popular among buyers, especially if there are multiple in one account. Exclusives aren’t all that buyers are after though – the most popular games that buyers look for when searching for their perfect Epic Account include Civilization 6, GTA V, Borderlands, and, of course, Epic’s own Fortnite.

Where to Sell an Epic Account

Whether you’ve got a fantastic stacked Fortnite account or access to some of the popular games that buyers are on the lookout for when searching for an Epic Account, the best place to sell an Epic Account is PlayerAuctions!

Posting your Epic Games Account offer on PlayerAuctions is completely free (a small fee is only taken once a sale is made) and opens the door to a community of over 2,000,000 registered traders, giving you the best chance at finding a suitable buyer for your account. Furthermore, you get to take advantage of PlayerAuctions’ PlayerGuardian protection when you trade on our platform, minimizing your risk of being scammed.

Here’s how to sell an Epic Games Account on PlayerAuctions:

  • Log in or Register as a seller
  • Decide on whether you want to delivery manually, or want to use PlayerAuctions’ automatic delivery function
  • Create and post your offer for free – remember to lay out the account’s games and attractive selling points clearly so that buyers can find your offer
  • Wait for a buyer find and buy your account and deliver it. If you chose manual delivery, you’ll have to send the account details to the buyer, if you chose automatic delivery, we’ll send the account details once the buyer releases payment to us
  • When the buyer confirms delivery, you’ll receive the payment in 5 business days (3 if you’re a PowerSeller)
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