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Selling Information

About Selling Empires & Puzzles Accounts

Sellers would definitely want the best out of selling Empires & Puzzles accounts, so they have to make the effort to raise the value of their offer. If not, they can use these characteristics as a guide to pricing their account.

  • Account Level - One of the most important levels of the account, it’s a general marker of an account’s progression. Higher levels mean further progression, more features and mechanics unlocked, and more tasks to do.
  • Hero Levels - As E&P is also part RPG, heroes are important units used in fights. Strong heroes mean easier fights. Easier fights mean less time spent grinding or being able to compete in PvP. No challenge or fight will be able to stop this kind of account.
  • Hero Collection - Some buyers would like a collection of heroes (quantity) more than just having a few high-leveled ones (quality). Otherwise, they may want a certain hero to be in the account’s roster, and don’t really care about the account’s other features. At any rate, a good collection can bump up an account’s value.
  • Base Progression - E&P also has a base-building mechanic. Some buyers would like to build their own, while others would like to have one fully built so they don’t have to worry about it. Of course, the more the base is upgraded and expanded, the higher the value of the account.
  • Currency/Resource Stocks - Having a stockpile of these resources (food, upgrade materials) is a boon for the buyer. They can upgrade heroes or buildings they want, and not have to grind for the materials. Sure, once it runs out they do have to gather it again, but at least they’ve got the strength to make the grind trivial.

Types of Empires & Puzzles Accounts Traders Sell

That said, there are a few types of accounts buyers can take interest in.

  • High-Level Accounts
  • Smurf Accounts
  • Fresh Accounts
  • Hero Collection Accounts

For sellers, the accounts that are worth the most are the high-leveled ones, though those take longer to prepare. Fresh accounts are easier to prepare, yet they’re also the cheapest with the least investment. Hero collection accounts can be somewhat easier to make, but it all relies on RNG. It’s up to the seller to choose what they would sell, though. They just have to make sure that their price is fair for the amount of time invested into the account.

The Top-Rated Heroes

For hero collection accounts, the top-rated heroes will boost the account’s value. These are the heroes players will reroll for, to get that bit of advantage from the start. Now, hero rankings and ratings are quite subjective, and preferences differ from one player to the next. That said, there isn’t one unifying hero ranking that will always be true.

New heroes can shake up the rankings, as well as balance changes, nerfs, and buffs. There could also be buyers who don’t care about these rankings and want certain heroes for vanity.

All this means is while top-rated heroes are good for the account, it all depends on the buyer’s preferences. The seller just has to anticipate and predict what buyers would want. Sure, they can go with whatever is already there on the account. However, they’ll have to wait longer to sell, and it’ll be at a lower price.

How Sellers Find Buyers

Sellers would advise fellow traders to sell on online trading platforms. The first reason is the added security in the form of escrow systems that help to protect transactions, ensuring a smooth process for both buyers and sellers. The second reason is a large trading community. With this kind of active community, there’s bound to be a buyer for any offer sellers can think of. Lastly, sellers can set their offer prices freely. This lets them set cheaper prices, which attract more buyers than more expensive ones. Of course, some expensive accounts can be worth it, but that depends on if the account is worth that price.

Sellers should be sure that they actually do want to part with their account and read the terms and conditions for the game before getting involved in trading. If they are unsure about anything from the game’s rules, they can contact the developers for further information, or read our user agreement.

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