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How to Sell ESO items for Real Money

ESO players that have a lot of profitable items and want to make money – real-life money, not in-game gold – can do so by selling them. They can sell all kinds of TESO items including weapons, armor, crafting materials, consumables, and many others.

What ESO Items Can Be Sold

Compared to other MMORPGs, Elder Scrolls Online’s economy is similar in many respects. At the same time, however, it is vastly different. For the similarity, it would be the fact that the same kind of items that sell well in other MMOs also sell well in Elder Scrolls Online.

Similar to various MMOs, crafting is a rather big part of Elder Scrolls Online’s non-combat and economy-related content. Crafted items are popular because not a lot of players are willing to go through the tedious process by themselves. Of the many disciplines under this, the most in-demand are Alchemy, Blacksmithing, and Enchanting. This means the items that they create sell the most.

Other than selling crafted items, players can also sell crafting materials. This is because a lot of crafters have no time to gather them, so they would rather buy them instead. Although they sell for a lower price, it costs nothing to gather and takes less effort to do so than to craft, so it evens out in the end.

As for non-crafted items, they are sold because they are rare. For equipment under this category, it’s also because of how their good stats. Players would rather not spend time trying to farm them, taking chances with the RNG. It also doesn’t help that on top of the low drop rate, some items are only dropped by specific enemies.

There are also rare items that have become as such because they have become discontinued, making pieces of these items that still exist more valuable than they used to. For example, there are no longer any means in the game to create Jaedi and Lire Runestones, which increase weapon damage. Both rare and useful, it should go without saying that discontinued items like this fetch a very high price.

Tips on What Items to Sell in ESO

There are many differences between selling ESO items for gold and selling them for money. Some would even say that it’s easier to do the latter. This is because of the lack of a global auction house, which is in turn substituted with a guild store. Unfortunately, it is more limited than a conventional auction house, as only guild members can buy and sell.

Selling ESO items for real-life money, on the other hand, doesn’t require anyone to be a part of a guild. Other than the part where they sell in-game items and being a trustworthy seller, there are no other requirements to be one. Even players that have only started playing recently can already start selling items. Nevertheless, experience in farming, crafting, and obtaining discontinued items are a huge help.

Deciding On What ESO Items to Sell

What sellers can sell depends entirely on them. As long as the in-game system allows it to be traded, then it can be sold. It’s also up to them if they are going to have diverse wares or focus on only one kind of item. Doing the former means not putting one’s eggs in one basket. At the same time, it’s completely understandable to focus on a particular kind of item. Doing so saves time, as it’s not exactly easy to switch from gathering materials en masse and then suddenly go for crafting. It’s also not easy to find discontinued items either.

In the end, whether sellers are going to have only one kind of item for sale or will have more diverse offers, what matters is that sellers have enough items to make a profit from.

Lastly, as sellers who own these ESO items, they have the freedom to put any price on their offers. It is, however, highly recommended that the price is close to the actual value of the items being offered. In turn, this is determined by their rarity and importance. As for equipment, apart from rarity and difficulty in crafting them, it is also determined by the bonuses that they offer.

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