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Make Money Playing EA FC 2024

The latest EA FC offers a lot of grindable things, and players are encouraged to farm them as soon as possible. Gamers must stock up on card packs and coins to build the strongest roster. Unfortunately, many obstacles will hinder them from enjoying the game thoroughly.

Collecting athletes and other items can be tedious, especially with all the RNG. Gamers aren't guaranteed to get their targeted players from card packs, so they must keep grinding to get enough coins to keep buying. Fortunately, skilled players can take advantage of this situation to earn money.

Gamers can make money by offering power-leveling services to players needing help. Power levelers can assist others by farming coins for them or by progressing accounts to get rewards. EA FC 2024 is trendy, so many new players are looking to get ahead quickly. This creates a profitable market for pilots and boosters. 

How to Quickly Level Up EA FC 2024?

There are multiple ways to level up in EA FC. Sellers who want more customers must be efficient in EXP farming to earn more money. Here are the best ways to level up in EA FC:

  • Play More Matches: One of the simplest ways to earn XP is by playing matches. The more games you play, the more XP you'll rack up. Whether you prefer Squad Battles, Rivals, or Friendlies, every match you participate in brings you closer to unlocking rewards.
  • Complete Objectives: FIFA offers a range of objectives that you can tackle to earn XP and other exciting rewards. From daily and weekly goals to season-long challenges, completing these tasks can significantly boost your XP earnings.
  • Crack Open Packs: Packs are like treasure chests filled with players, consumables, and other valuable items that can supercharge your team. You can score packs by playing matches, conquering objectives, or purchasing them using in-game coins or FIFA Points.
  • Try the Season Pass: For a premium experience, consider subscribing to the Season Pass. This subscription service gives exclusive rewards and XP boosts, making your FIFA journey even more rewarding.
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