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Sell EA FC 24 Coins to Buyers for Cheap

Buyers can’t officially buy EA FC 24 coins; what they can only do is purchase EA FC points, which they can use to spend on packs in the game. EA FC 24 points are sold on any online retailer, such as a digital storefront or through FC 24 itself. However, there’s a caveat to getting points instead of coins: opening packs won’t mean gamers will get the players they want. This is why some buyers prefer getting EA FC 24 coins from sellers. That way, they can immediately get the players they want without relying on RNG.

How to Get FC 24 Coins

There are multiple ways to earn coins in EA FC 24. One of the easiest and quickest methods is to sell players. Sellers can sell any of the unwanted players they’ve earned while playing Ultimate Team. They can get coins in seconds by using the quick sell option or auctioning them off to the Transfer Market, EA FC 24 coin sellers can take advantage of the transfer market to easily obtain FC 24 coins.

For those who are interested in flipping players, it’s recommended that they check out the EA FC 24 Companion app. The application can be used to check the latest prices and sell any players for a profit on the go without having to boot the game up. Sellers can also keep track of the prices in the Transfer Market.

The key is to pick up players who are going for cheap and sell them when the prices are higher. For example, sellers can choose to time their selling spree on weekends, when active gamers are typically most active in the market.

Sellers Can Try Bidding

Whenever someone plans to purchase a player from the Transfer Market, they always have a choice between using the Buy Now option or bidding. Don’t fall for the Buy Now option; while buying right away saves time and effort, bidding at the perfect time is the secret to snagging a bargain.

If the auction is entering the last-minute stages of the listing and the bidding is still well below its market value, sellers can put in a bid of their own a few seconds before it ends. With any luck, they can get a high-rated player card for just a fraction of what it’s currently going for. Then, they can simply sell the card for the usual cost and earn a quick profit. The only downside of this method is that there’s always a chance for someone to swoop in and outbid everyone, so it requires patience.

Consumables Can Be Sold Too

Players aren’t the only cards that have value in the game. Consumables such as Chemistry Styles can also be sold for coins, especially those that offer buffs to key stats like pace and shooting. Moreover, Meta Manager League items can sell for up to 5,000 coins. Don't be afraid to sell any of the spares. As long as sellers are happy with the look of their current team, there’s no need to hoard the consumables.

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