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Why Gamers Sell Dual Universe Quanta

Sometimes, gamers are just so good at a game that they amass so much currency they don’t know what to do with it. Some of these wealthy players decide to sell Dual Universe Quanta online, posting offers on online marketplaces for buyers to take advantage of.

What is Dual Universe?

Taking inspiration from games such as No Man’s Sky, Eye Online, and Minecraft, Dual Universe is an open world that’s a mishmash of genres. Your journey takes place in a sci-fi universe that’s ripe for exploration. You embark with other players thanks to its MMORPG mechanics. Ultimately, Dual Universe is a game that’s going to be entirely built and driven by its own players; in other words, you—including the people you cohabit with in the game—determine the fate of the world inside Dual Universe!

The developers will also lend a helping hand when it comes to implementing the basics. An example is the use of a currency to make an economy within the game. Of course, we’re talking about Quanta here. Just like any other currency for online games, Quanta is what you’ll be using to buy, sell, and barter for items and gear that can be found throughout Dual Universe. You can use the things that you bought with Quanta to progress further to uncharted areas of the map, defeat stronger monsters to get better loot, and so on.

How Gamers Sell Dual Universe Quanta?

When a gamer decides that they want to sell Dual Universe quanta, they tend to look for platforms online that will give them access to buyers. Many sellers decide to use online marketplaces as they generally have larger userbases than other sites. Once they find a site, sellers post offers and initiate in trades with buyers to offload their quanta.

What is Quanta?

Quanta (or Quantum if it’s in plural form) is the official currency used in Dual Universe. This digital currency is what makes the world inside the game go round. To check how much Quanta you have, you can simply access your character’s wallet. Quanta is unique because the means of acquiring it is different from other MMORPGs. For example, you’ll often notice that in most MMORPGs, there are many ways of getting currency. This can take the form of completing main quests, side, quests, defeating bosses, and many more. But Dual Universe uses a different approach that’s unique to the game—enemies and NPCs don’t give out currency. Instead, the economy of Dual Universe itself is the primary source of Quanta. This means that how much currency you get is heavily-dependent on the player population of the game. Everything that’s sold, bought, and traded is in the hands of the players. This may pose some problems down the line. One of the problems being that should the player base go down, the economy will suffer and in turn have no Quanta circulating within the game. A model such as this is rather hard and intimidating for beginners, so it’s understandable why first time players are often thrown off by it.

How to Farm Quanta in Dual Universe

We did say that enemies and NPCs don’t give out Quanta to players, but there are a few other ways that you can employ to earn a good amount of the currency with minimal effort. One of the main ways of farming Quanta in Dual Universe is through mining. By mining/gathering ores, you can then sell those items in the market for a decent price. If you have a fully-developed character and you invest your Quanta by further expanding your mining operations, then you’ll have a much easier time than someone mining resources by hand. Supernodes are by far the most in-demand bunch of all the ores. So if you manage to find clusters of these beauties, then make sure to nab them before anyone else does. Pro tip: Start gathering resources early. By doing this method, you can make a profit at a faster pace compared to the other people mining for Tier 2 or Tier 3 ores.

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