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Sell Your Dragalia Lost Account for Real Money

Dragalia Lost, Nintendo's newest game and its first ever original mobile JRPG, is definitely as popular as it is good. So it's no surprise that there's a flourishing market for Dragalia Lost account trading. That means if you're looking to make real-life money through the game, you can do so just by selling a Dragalia Lost account.

How to Sell Your Dragalia Lost Account

Selling a Dragalia Lost account is easy! Simply log in or register and create an offer for the Dragalia Lost account you're selling. Once a buyer purchases the account, the details will be sent to him or her depending on your settings: automatically or manually, with you giving the details via onsite email.

Upon confirmation of delivery by the buyer, you will receive the payment. The usual wait time is five days, but is reduced to just three days if you're one of our PowerSellers.

The Right Dragalia Lost Account Price

When deciding how much you'll sell your Dragalia Lost account, the contents of an account that can boost its price are the following:

  • Characters (human or dragon)
  • Amount of Wyrmites
  • Available weapons

Do note, however, that you can sell your account for any price regardless of what it has. Nevertheless, it would be better to price it fairly to ensure that buyers will not be put off with your offer, and that you'll get the profit that you deserve.