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Selling Information

In the DoTA 2 community, selling a DoTA 2 items is a popular and commonplace practice. As such, third-party sites like PlayerAuctions host sellers. We provide sellers like you with a haven for safe and easy transactions. It’s our utmost priority to ensure that you’ll have an awesome selling experience with us.

How to Sell DoTA 2 Items for Real Money

Selling items here at PlayerAuctions is a breeze. Just log in (or register if you don’t have an account yet), then click on sell or go to your profile. Complete the necessary fields, and then your offer will be promptly posted on our site.

After posting your offer, you’ll receive a notification from the buyer, as well as a chat message from him or her. In that conversation, discuss when you will conduct the trade. Do note that we will be recording your chat logs for security purposes. This also prevents disputes should misunderstandings arise between parties.

To deliver the item, you can ask the buyer to share his/her trade offer link and remind the buyer that his/her inventory privacy setting has to be public otherwise they are not able to receive the offer.

Once the trade has been completed, the buyer will confirm the delivery, and you will then receive disbursement for the items.

How to Price Your DoTA 2 Items Right

When selling DoTA 2 items, consider how rare, popular, and recently released they are. The greater these things are, the higher their potential value will be.

Do note, however, that there is no required price that you have to conform to in order to sell your DoTA 2 items. That means you can actually sell it at a price higher than the usual. However, when putting a price on it, it’s better to price it according to what the player base sees fit. This way, your offer won’t put off potential buyers, and at the same time, you’ll be ensured that you’ll still be earning a good profit margin.

Why Sell at PlayerAuctions?

Speaking of profit, we at PlayerAuctions want our sellers to earn in the safest and most convenient way possible.

Here’s how:

Privacy and security – we at PlayerAuctions have systems in place that protect your important personal and game-related details. In addition, our staff will not ask or divulge them to anyone.

Lower seller costs – the cheaper they are, the more money you’ll make for every sale.

Becoming a PowerSeller – if you earn $1000 and 97% positive feedback or more, as well as close 100 sales, you can be a PlayerAuctions PowerSeller. Should you become one, we will be promoting and making you more visible to buyers. In addition to that, you’ll also receive payment for your sales earlier than a regular seller.

Multiple Disbursement Method Options – we give our sellers the choice in which disbursement method that is the most convenient to them. AmazonPay, of course, is included.