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Sell Diablo 4 Gold to Players

Gold is the main currency players will use in Diablo 4. If they want to get the best items—such as Legendaries—they’ll need to spend a lot of gold for it. They’ll also need gold if they want to repair or upgrade their existing gear. Thankfully, sellers that have an exorbitant amount of currency can sell it through online marketplaces. By selling gold to buyers, sellers can allow these players to optimize their gear better, upgrade their potions, and craft a wide variety of items.

How to Farm Gold in Diablo 4


Sellers can repeatedly farm dungeons for gold by defeating every enemy within. Any dungeon in Diablo 4 can be farmed, but there are better farming routes that can yield better rewards as well. For example, players can go to Anica’s Claim to kill Elites in the early game. This is the best spot for farming gold when a player’s level isn’t high yet. Then there’s Dead Man’s Dredge, another dungeon in the Fractured Peaks. It’s the best spot to grab gold and loot while defeating demons.

World Events

Players can check the map for world events regularly, and completing them rewards the victors with gold, Legendaries, and XP for their character. World events can be found all over the map, but if sellers are looking for an accessible event to complete, they can head to the northwest of the Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoint in Fractured Peaks. After completing the event, they can simply teleport back to town and sell the items they don’t want for gold. Rinse and repeat.

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