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Like any long-running game, Destiny 2 is massive. With fifteen seasons worth of content, three mainline expansions in Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and Forsaken, saying that there’s a lot to take in is an understatement. The entirety of Destiny 2 has been a fun ride for long-time players, but it can be incredibly daunting for beginners. Destiny 2 has always been an evolving game thanks to the changes being constantly made to some of the vendors and systems, making it difficult to jump into for the majority of people outside the game’s community. But as with all things in life, it’s not impossible to figure out, especially if they have someone that could assist them. By selling Destiny 2 accounts to potential buyers, sellers can make their journey easier by having all of the provisions, ammo, and weapons that they need to get the job done. Plus, having a high-level account right from the get-go is certainly a tempting prospect for some.

Gear Up, Guardian

As a player begins their journey to collecting gear from playing missions and progressing through the storyline, they’re likely to notice different colored drops. This color-coded system indicates an item’s rarity and helps players distinguish between each type. Here are the five types of rarity that every Destiny 2 gamer should know about:

  • Exotic (Gold) – Known as the crème de la crème of all items, the Exotic tier is the rarest gear type in Destiny 2. Due to the highly specific Perk that these items usually provide, players can only equip one Exotic Weapon and one piece of Exotic Armor at a time. There’s only a limited number of Exotic Gear that’s currently in the game, and some are locked behind specific expansions or tasks, making it all the harder to acquire them.
  • Legendary (Purple) – When it comes to collecting, Legendary Gear is the go-to option for many players. That’s because they offer a wide range of mod slots, perks, and stats to try to roll for. Players can typically improve their chances of getting Legendary Gear by playing specific modes with a limited loot pool, depending on the Weapon and Armor that they’re going after.
  • Rare (Blue) – These are the most common pieces of gear that Destiny 2 players encounter early on in the game. They’ll drop more often if one’s character is underdeveloped or is starting a new season. Rare Gear will occasionally feature one of two perks, while Rare Armor will feature two fewer Mod slots. Rare Gear can drop at higher Power Levels than Legendary Gear, making them useful for infusion once players get to the endgame.
  • Uncommon (Green) – Uncommon Gear is what players start with during the first initial missions, but that’s pretty much it. In terms of value, they have no worth other than getting gamers through the hurdles of the first few levels.
  • Common (White) – The Common tier is usually meant to be upgraded and is most of the time limited to armor for exclusive events; don’t expect to find any Common Gear by just playing the game.

Weapon Classes

There are three weapon classes in Destiny 2: Heavy, Kinetic, and Ergy.

  • Heavy weapons do elemental damage and while they’re certainly powerful, they require Heavy ammo which is more difficult to find than the other types of ammo in the game.
  • Kinetic weapons, on the other hand, can’t do elemental damage, but they can pack a punch to enemies that don’t have a shield.
  • Finally, Energy weapons do elemental damage (in the form of Solar, Void, or Arc) and also do extra damage to shielded enemies with matching elements.

Getting All the Expansions

There is free-to-play content, several expansions to purchase, and removed content in Destiny 2. It’s not uncommon for MMOs to offer a combination of pay-to-play expansions and free tidbits of the game, but Destiny 2 is a one-of-a-kind title as it’s the only game to aggressively remove huge chunks of content. Bungie announced that each year (at the expansion boundaries), they’ll cycle some destination and activity content out of the game (and into the DCV) to “make room” for new experiences. The result after that was roughly half of the locations, gear, and activities were removed from the game and cannot be experienced anymore – this happened during the release of Beyond Light.

Just to be safe, it’s recommended for sellers to have all of the present expansions, so they don’t have to worry about potentially missing any content. There’s no telling what Bungie will remove or add back to Destiny 2, but if sellers want to be sure that their accounts would have access to all of the campaigns, raids, and dungeons in the game, then this is the only way to do so.

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