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In 2020, 19,600+ sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Playing a story-driven FPS game with a steep learning curve, such as Destiny, can be a tough predicament for some… but not for you! That’s why we’re giving you a chance to play the game you love while earning money at the same time! That’s right! By signing up to be a bona fide power leveler here at PlayerAuctions, you’ll get to take control of other people’s accounts and help them get through sticky situations.

How to Make Money Playing Destiny?

Here’s the catch: There’s no catch! You just have to follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to easy money!

  1. Register as a seller and log in.
  2. Reach out to our Power Seller Management Team ([email protected]) and express your intent to become a power leveler. We’ll review your credentials to make sure you can provide quality services up to par with PlayerAuctions standards.
  3. Once approved, you may start posting offers. For this, we’ll require you to deposit a $70 reserve (for each power leveling slot you make). This is a security bond that you will get after your services have been rendered.
  4. A buyer will then pick you up on your offer and you can proceed to the leveling within the agreed-upon timeframe. Once done, you can surrender the account back to the owner.
  5. The buyer will then make a confirmation with us. If everything has been done to their satisfaction, we’ll get you your payment. It’s that simple!

At PlayerAuctions, you’ve got the chance to make serious cash while playing your favorite game. We take care of both the buyer and the seller (you). Everyone wins. Everyone’s happy—just the way it should be!

Why Sell Destiny 2 Power Leveling Services

You may be wondering why it is that you would want to become a power leveler. For one thing, you’ll get paid for playing the game you love. Sure, it might be someone else’s account, but the mere fact that you’re plying Destiny can only help to sharpen your already-heightened skills. Activities here may require you to increase the buyer's (surprise) Power Level max cap (currently 1010). By doing so, you can help players instantly reach high levels to be able to enjoy high level and/or difficult game activities. And again, you get paid!

Other players may need you to help with the acquisition of resources such as Glimmer (the game's default "gold") and Bright Engrams, random items that contain seasonal rewards. And, of course, power Leveling also covers completion runs of the game's toughest raids as well as Trials of Osiris, the game's most competitive PVP mode. The completion of these two activities provides the player rare weapons, armors, and cosmetic items such as ghosts (AI companions whose appearances can be changed) and sparrows (the game's equivalent to a "mount" or vehicle).

Lastly, power Leveling allows buyers to purchase runs for Nightfall: the Ordeal at Grandmaster difficulty (Grandmaster difficulty is currently the hardest version for Nightfall activities), this leads to rewards exclusively tied to Nightfall activities. For more info on the current season of Destiny, make sure to check out.

Note: Completion of "Season of the Worthy" activities especially Seraph Tower public events, which reward Warmind Bits and powerful weapons and armors, so players might need you for that.

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