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Moving on to greener pastures? Instead of just leaving your account to rot, why not make a profit off it instead? Selling your Ashes of Creation accounts here at PlayerAuctions will not only help other players have an easier time playing the game, but it’ll also help you earn real cash from it as well!

The Success Story of Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation is a game that many people considered to be one of the many success stories starting from a Kickstarter. It is a game that started from scratch but went on to achieve lofty heights thanks to the support of people who wanted to see the MMO happen. Intrepid Studios, the brains behind the fantasy MMO, garnered a total pledge of $750,000. This was back in 2017 when indie developers and even notable video game producers such as Koji Igarashi, the brains behind Bloodstained, the spiritual successor of the famous Castlevania series, often started their projects from the ground up. Ashes of Creation not only surpassed their pledge goal but also garnered over 19,576 in support to help give birth to the game. The end result clocked in at over $3.2 million pledged on their Kickstarter page.

So why did tens of thousands of gamers support this project? Ashes of Creation wanted to bring back the excitement of playing in a massively multiplayer world where decisions truly matter. By being the beacon of the rebirth of the MMORPG genre, Ashes of Creation aimed to be the next generation of the genre and MMO fans are all for it. It fully embraces the “change is constant” quote and delivers in a way that there’s always something new to find—regardless of whether someone plays every day or logs in a few times a week or so. With so many players interested in Ashes of Creation, you’ll no doubt be able to find a buyer for your account!

How Do I Sell Ashes of Creation Kickstarter Keys?

To sell a Kickstart key from Ashes of Creation, simply follow these steps:

  1. Register or log in as a seller.
  2. Post your offers using our system. You may enable our instant delivery option during this time.
  3. Once a buyer has made a payment, we’ll notify you. You will then need to send the account details and the Kickstarter key code to them via our onsite messenger. If you have enabled our instant delivery option, we will deliver everything for you once the buyer sends the payment to our system.
  4. Wait for the buyer to check and see if the account they bought is as described in the offer you have posted.
  5. When the buyer confirms delivery to our system we’ll release your payment to you.

Things to Know When Selling Ashes of Creation Accounts

  1. Selling your account doesn’t mean that the buyer will get the game for free

    While there’s no upfront cost when it comes to playing Ashes of Creation, the game will be subscription-based. This is similar to other games such as World of Warcraft and RuneScape. However, RuneScape is a free-to-play game and instead offers access to exclusive areas and skills. Ashes of Creation follows the same route as World of Warcraft where you will need to subscribe in order to play the game itself. The monthly subscription costs $15. Most buyers are aware of this fact, but it’s better if you make a note about it in the description of your offer just in case. You can state when your membership will expire and if your subscription is still active, the buyer who gets it first can get the remaining days of your subscription for free.

  2. Verra is constantly changing

    The game world of Ashes of Creation, Verra, is constantly changing—even without your presence. You can’t promise the buyers how the place that your character lives in will be stable. Politics in Ashes of Creation is vital in determining how your town, city, or island will come to fruition, and other players can make those kinds of decisions for you. The world of Verra is similar to the real world. Everything is bound to evolve in order to adapt to the current situation. For example, what might be new to the market now can be outdated by the next week. There’s always a lot of things going on in the game, and you have to make sure that the buyer understands that. Ashes of Creation is a game that is mostly created and influenced by the players that reside within it and there’s no stopping it.

  3. Ashes of Creation Kickstarter keys will no longer be usable in 2021

    The live launch and release of Ashes of Creation are expected to be in 2021. When that happens, your Kickstarter keys (should you still have some by that time) will expire since the beta will no longer be exclusive to Kickstarter backers. Sell your keys while you still can before your time runs out!

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