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In order to sell APB Reloaded Cash (US servers), simply follow these steps:

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  3. When there’s a buyer interested in purchasing APB Reloaded Cash, work out the details of how you’ll be sending them the currency for their account/character.
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  5. Once the buyer has confirmed to our system to send in the payment to you; you will then get paid promptly.

Farming Cash in APB Reloaded

All Points Bulletin: Reloaded, otherwise known as APB: Reloaded for short, is a game that has a similar feel to another popular open-world franchise called Grand Theft Auto. By traversing around the city in which the game is set in, you get to do missions, steal cars, and unlock houses and cool weapons by spending in-game money. The same thing can be said for APB for the open-world aspect, but minus the ability to create your own identity. APB is not an easy game and all of the opposition consists of other players. As such, farming cash can be tricky. Luckily, we have some tips and tricks for you that we can share in order for you to have a reserve of cash for customers. Here, we’ll explain the different ways to make fast money—both as a Criminal or an Enforcer without even breaking a sweat.

How to Earn Cash as a Criminal

If you play as a Criminal in the game, then you’re already one step ahead of what we’re about to tell you. Being a Criminal is better in the sense that there are more money-making tactics you can use. The most obvious way to earn cash as a Criminal is through robbing or stealing. To successfully rob some cash, you first have to join a low-population server that’s either located in the action or financial district. The next step is to need to find a large vehicle. We recommend getting an armored car for this since it’ll make your life a lot easier during getaways. This is because armored cars have a large storage space that you can use to hold tons of crates and boxes which is perfect when proceeding to the next step. Once you finally have a large vehicle, you can either take it to the chop shop to earn some quick cash or use it to rob stores and get even more money. This is where things get a bit tricky. Robbing or stealing from a store isn’t something that can easily be done. You have to make sure that you won’t get caught (via Witnessing), or else an Enforcer will take you away. You also have to be wary of other Criminals as they can steal your ride and other stolen goods as well. We recommend that you go to the side streets or any street for that matter that’s ways off the main street so that you won’t get spotted easily when committing the crime.

How to Earn Cash as an Enforcer

Being an Enforcer in APB: Reloaded can be a bit of a doozy. People have been saying that Criminals have it easy when it comes to making money in the game, and while we agree, we think that the difference in being an Enforcer as opposed to a Criminal isn’t that stark. To get started, go to a server that’s highly populated. A populated server gives you more chances to earn cash. Since there are a lot of players in the servers, there will be a lot of stolen cars lying about that you can get into and return. Whenever there’s a bunch of Criminals and Enforcers exchanging bullets, head straight towards the stolen cars the Criminals used and make your own getaway from there. By utilizing this method, you can earn tens of thousands of dollars in less than an hour!