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The game is an unusual hybrid of puzzle, RPG, tactical strategy, and even Gacha gaming genres. On the puzzle and tactical strategy side, fights work on a match-the-color system. The color determines who will act in the player’s party, while the length/number of tiles matched influences the abilities used by characters. There are also other special effects the more tiles that are matched.

Tactical strategy comes in when matching, as player characters attack enemies that are adjacent to the matched tiles. There are also elements to consider, as some enemies might have weaknesses or resistances to certain elements. Although simplistic on the surface, battles can have a surprising amount of depth to them.

The RPG side of the game c quests, leveling, and upgrading the party members. As for the Gacha part, it’s how players recruit more members. Contrary to the usual 5-stars being the highest rating for a character Alchemy Stars feature 6-star characters as their strongest pool.

For a seller’s purpose, however, they only need to focus on the RPG and Gacha sides. Most buyers either want a strong account or one that has all the characters they desire already on it. Those may be the strongest ones or some limited-edition characters that might not become available again.

Where to Sell Alchemy Stars Account

Sellers vastly prefer selling them on online trading platforms. Aside from guaranteed payments, it also provides the perfect trading environment and a large community of traders. With a buyer for every offer, they’re sure to reap the profits better than trying anywhere else.

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