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Enjoyed exploring the celestial world of Aion and collecting Kinah? Wish you could turn your digital assets into actual money and use it in the real world? Looking for a safe and a secure platform to sell Aion Kinah to genuine buyers without getting scammed? If yes, then join PlayerAuctions! We are the safest player to player trading marketplace not only in the US but in the world. With us, you enjoy risk-free trading.

PlayerAuctions-Exploring our Security Measures

MMOG asset industry is growing rapidly. According to research it is estimated to grow into a multi-billion industry. However, what’sworrisome is the lack of proper policies and payment methods. The industry lacks payment methods that don’t favor buyers or sellers in case of disputes.

Recognizing this grim industry problem, PlayerAuctions have adopted the best and proven security measures and procedures to ensure that you trade in a safe and a secure environment without any risk of being scammed.

PlayerGuardian- Security Technology

To provide you foolproof security we have invested in and developed PlayerGuardian. This is our proprietary and powerful security technology. It provides you unparalleled protection against frauds and chargebacks. So, with us you don’t have to worry about becoming a victim of payment frauds.

PlayerAuctions Marketplace is Monitored and Heavily Regulated

To ensure you sell Aion Kinah in a safe environment, we continuously monitor and heavily regulate our marketplace. This helps us remove anything or any trader that is found to violate our policies and determined to be an inconvenience to our community.

At PlayerAuctions, we follow strict security screening processes to verify trading partners and ensure non-reliable traders are penalized.

We Provide You Bank-Level Data Security

We use 128-bit SSL encryption to provide you the highest-level of data security. It ensures that all communications between your browser and our website is carried out in a secure environment. Transaction information is secured on our own servers and protected by monitoring systems and physical access security.

Our top security measures have earned us the Verisign Security Seal. PlayerAuctions platform is tested and certified by McAfee daily to pass the McAfee Security Scan. This certifies us for providing you (the seller) the highest level of trading protection.

So, What Are You Waiting for! Sign up with PlayerAuctions to Sell Aion Kinah Safely to Online Players.

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