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Woodcutting 1-99 Guide


Woodcutting is an unprofitable profession for newer players. Still, veterans know how essential this skill is in providing supplies for many other activities like Firemaking, Fletching, and Construction. This field is straightforward since you only need a hatchet to cut down various flora. While the process is not complicated, the grind from level 1 to 99 can be quite an ordeal. This guide will help players efficiently farm EXP to reach 99.

What Will You Need for Wood Cutting?

Unlike some professions where you will need two or more items, Woodcutting only requires you to have a hatchet equipped. However, various types of this tool have varying attack levels. To farm logs efficiently, upgrade your hatchet at every chance. Here's a list of all the Woodcutting harvesting tools available in RuneScape:

Overworld Hatchets

  • Bronze Hatchet (Woodcutting level 1) - 1 Attack Level to Wield
  • Iron Hatchet (Woodcutting level 6) - 10 Attack Level to Wield
  • Steel Hatchet (Woodcutting level 6) - 20 Attack Level to Wield
  • Black Hatchet (Woodcutting level 6) - 25 Attack Level to Wield
  • Mithril Hatchet (Woodcutting level 21) - 30 Attack Level to Wield
  • Adamant Hatchet (Woodcutting level 31) - 40 Attack Level to Wield
  • Sacred Clay Hatchet (Woodcutting level 40) - 1 Attack Level to Wield
  • Rune Hatchet (Woodcutting level 41) - 50 Attack Level to Wield
  • Dragon Hatchet (Woodcutting level 61) - 60 Attack Level to Wield
  • Inferno Hatchet (Woodcutting level 61) - 1 Attack Level to Wield
  • Crystal Hatchet (Woodcutting level 71) - 70 Attack Level to Wield

Dungeoneering Hatchets

  • Novite Hatchet (Woodcutting level 1)
  • Bathus Hatchet (Woodcutting level 10)
  • Marmaros Hatchet (Woodcutting level 20)
  • Kratonite Hatchet (Woodcutting level 30)
  • Fractite Hatchet (Woodcutting level 40)
  • Zephyrium Hatchet (Woodcutting level 50)
  • Argonite Hatchet (Woodcutting level 60)
  • Katagon Hatchet (Woodcutting level 70)
  • Gorgonite Hatchet (Woodcutting level 80)
  • Promethium Hatchet (Woodcutting level 90)
  • Primal Hatchet (Woodcutting level 99)

While the hatchet is the only thing you need to do Woodcutting, there are also other complementary accessories or items that can provide you with extra EXP while doing this profession. Here are some of the things that you can use you can:

Lumberjack Clothes

If you've finished a run in the Temple Trekking or Burgh de Rott Ramble, then you might have found some Lumberjack Clothes. You can obtain this gear as an RNG loot when you clear these activities. Each piece of this set provides a 1% XP bonus, and you gain 1% if you wear all of them, totaling 5%. However, you can only wear these clothes when you are level 44. Try and take your time to collect them so that you can benefit from the additional EXP rewards.

Other Accessories

You should consider getting other items if you have the time. Each of them provides various bonuses to your Woodcutting, so acquiring them can be worth your while. Here are some of the accessories that you should consider getting:

  • Woodcutting Accumulator – stores EXP every time you fail to cut a log
  • Log-splitting Scrimshaw – gain a 15% chance of destroying resources obtained from Woodcutting in exchange for an experience boost.
  • Strung Rabbit Foot – increases the chance of acquiring Crystal Geodes and Bird Nests.
  • Sentinel Outfits – 5% to 7% EXP boost


You can hone your hatchets for bonuses that provide additional EXP for Woodcutting. You also gain some Invention experience when you add Perks to your items. If you have the time to augment your hatchets, here are some of the best ones to add to them:

  • Honed – increases the chance of successful cuts by 2% per tier
  • Furnace – resources are consumed by the opportunity to gain double experience (5.5% to 16.5% based on tier level)


If you leveled up your Summoning to level 33, you could summon a Beaver familiar that boosts Woodcutting. This creature adds two bars to this profession, equivalent to a 3.5% cut rate boost. It would help if you considered getting these Beavers some pouches because they can collect various logs and planks for you. 

Auras (For Members Only)

If you bought a membership to the game or plan to, you can benefit from the Loyalty Shop and boost your gameplay. For Woodcutting, in particular, you can activate the Lumberjack Auras in exchange for Loyalty Points. While they do not provide a bonus for EXP, they significantly boost your cut %. Here are the Auras you should get:

  • Lumberjack Aura (5000 LP) - 3% increase in the cut chance
  • Greater Lumberjack Aura (14,000 LP) - 5% increase in the cut chance
  • Master Lumberjack Aura (33,500 LP) - 7% increase in the cut chance
  • Supreme Lumberjack Aura (58,500 LP) - 10% increase in the cut chance
  • Legendary Lumberjack Aura (119,000 LP) - 15% increase in the cut chance

Getting to Level 99

Leveling to 99 involves knowing which trees you should cut at certain ranks. You need to know where to locate specific evergreens and what type of hatchets you will need to harvest them. Players should note that Woodcutting is not profitable until you reach level 90 because monsters can drop logs as part of their loot. This is why many loggers are trying to reach 99 as quickly as possible. Here is how you will get to level 99 quickly:

Regular Trees (Levels 1 to 15)

When you start, you can only harvest Regular Trees, which is great because they are found almost anywhere in RS. Dead trees are also a good source of EXP to level 15. They can mainly be located near towns and cities. Notable areas such as Draynor Village, Draynor Manor, and Seer’s Village are suitable for Woodcutting since they have banks to deposit your logs. Outside the Grand, Exchange is also a decent place to start. 

Oak Trees (Level 15 to 30)

At this level, Oaks are the best sources of EXP for Woodcutting. There are many of these trees in the areas south of the Grand Exchange and near places such as Draynor Bank, Catherby Banks, and Castle Wars. Farm these logs until you reach 30. 

Willow Trees (Level 30 to 35)

The next set of trees to cut is Willow. There are tons of these woods near Draynor Bank. Grinding through this bracket is quick, so that you wouldn’t spend too much time in this area. 

Teak Trees (Level 35 to 47)

While Willows still provide substantial EXP, Teaks offer more, so you should prioritize cutting them first. The best place to farm these trees is inside the Tai Bwo Wannai, which requires an entrance fee of 100 Trading Sticks. Since no banks are nearby, the general idea is to cut and drop any logs you farm since they are optional. Players should note that they should still chop Willows and Mahoganies if they encounter them. 

Acadia Trees (Level 47 to 80)

From level 47 to 80, the grind becomes repetitive because you are just aiming for one type of tree. It would help if you focused on chopping Acadias, which can be found within the Imperial District in Menaphos. There are also several trees available in the VIP Skilling area if you are allowed to enter that zone. There are still other woods that you can gather if you encounter them. However, your priority should be Acadias. Here are the types that you should consider harvesting:

  • Willow Trees
  • Teak Trees
  • Maple Trees
  • Mahogany Trees
  • Arctic Pines
  • Yew Trees

Crystallised Acadia Trees

Upon reaching level 80, you'll hit a roadblock because you will only be farming the same trees you have been cutting down. Thankfully, you should already have the Crystallise Spell and the Light Form prayer by now. These abilities significantly boost your EXP gain at the expense of not receiving any materials. Crystallise makes you gain 50% additional experience by sacrificing your ability to obtain logs. If you pair this with Light Form prayer, you will gain an 87.5% increase in bonus EXP.

Multiple Ways to Reach level 99

By level 90, you have three options on how you want to proceed to 99. You can focus on earning money while gaining experience or progressing your Arc Training simultaneously. Whatever you choose will determine where and what you will farm. Here are the different ways to reach level 99:

  • Money Path – To start earning money, you should aim to chop down Elders. These trees are the only wood type not dropped by any mobs, so they consistently maintain a high price in the market. Since these trees are unique to each player, you do not have to worry about competing with other woodcutters for nodes. Here is the ideal rotation for Elder Trees: South Yanille > North-west Tree Gnome Stronghold Bank > South Draynor Village Bank
  • Lazy Path – If you’ve been too tired with the grind to level 99, you can do AFK woodcutting. For this method, you will farm Choking Ivy from 90 to 94 and then Crystal Trees until 99. These objects of interest are the most accessible for AFK Woodcutting. The vines can be found near Varrock Lodestone and the Castle Courtyard. Crystal Trees can be located by checking your map to see active ones.
  • Arc Path – Another practical method is progressing your Arc Training while finishing your Woodcutting. While you explore Waiko, there are tons of Bamboo that you can chop down there. While each one provides mediocre EXP, the sheer number of available this type of wood here makes up for it. After you reach level 96, you should try looking for Golden Bamboo on private islands.

After reaching level 99, you can do whatever you want with Woodcutting. You can gather more Elder Wood for profit or continue grinding beyond 100. It is also a good idea to pick up a profession that will complement Woodcutting, like Fletching.

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