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RuneScape 3 Attack Leveling Guide

runescape 3 attack guide

In RuneScape 3, the Attack skill is a fundamental aspect of your combat ability, determining your proficiency in wielding different types of melee weapons and accuracy in landing hits against opponents. When you increase your Attack level, you unlock the capability to use superior weaponry, ranging from basic bronze at the outset to the mighty dragon, crystal, and even more high-end gear.

Training the Attack skill also enhances your chance to hit your target, meaning fewer misses and more consistent damage. This is especially pertinent in challenging boss fights or PvP confrontations where every hit counts. In RuneScape's diverse combat system, Attack is complemented by Strength (which governs the damage potential with melee weapons) and Defence (which dictates a player's resistance to incoming damage).

Your Gear is Important

Gear is a critical component in combat, with various armor sets and weapons tailored for different levels ensuring that players can maximize their potential at every stage of their journey. Players wielding melee can opt for basic bronze or iron weapons and armor, perfect for combating low-level monsters like goblins or chickens. As you progress, the steel and mithril tiers become accessible, offering notably better offensive and defensive capabilities. For instance, you might go from a bronze longsword to a mithril scimitar and notice a significant uptick in your damage output.

Mid-level players might aim for adamant or rune gear, with the iconic rune platebody and rune scimitar being staples in many adventurers' arsenals. These items are effective against creatures such as hill giants or lesser demons. Furthermore, the dragon tier, recognizable by its reddish hue, offers even more powerful weapons like the dragon longsword or dragon dagger, both cherished for their special attacks and raw power.

It's important to note that while melee gear is segmented by metal tiers, magic and ranged have their own progression, like the transition from basic wizard robes to mystic robes or from leather to red dragonhide armor for archers. Each tier in RuneScape 3 offers new challenges and advantages, and equipping the right gear is paramount in ensuring combat success. This is why you should upgrade to the next tier gear as soon as possible.


Several quests offer generous XP rewards upon completion, giving you a significant boost in your combat skills. For instance, "The Waterfall Quest" is renowned for its substantial Attack and Strength experience reward, allowing even a fresh player to jump multiple levels instantly. Meanwhile, "The Grand Tree" will give you a hefty dose of Agility, Attack, and Magic XP.

Beyond just experience rewards, quests unlock new training areas that can be more efficient or offer unique training methods. For example, after completing "The Fremennik Trials," you can access the Island of Neitiznot, which houses one of the most popular spots for mid-level combat training against Yaks. Similarly, "Slayer" enthusiasts often complete the "Smoking Kills" quest for the Slayer points bonus and access to the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon—a haven for various Slayer tasks. Thus, strategically choosing and completing quests can significantly accelerate your combat progression and open doors to richer training environments.

Best Training Spots & Monsters to Level Up RuneScape 3 Attack

In RuneScape 3, selecting the right training spots and monsters is crucial for efficiently leveling up the Attack skill. Beginners often start their melee journey in Lumbridge, taking on low-level creatures like goblins, chickens, and cows. These foes provide little resistance and allow new players to familiarize themselves with the game's combat mechanics. As you progress to the mid-levels, monsters such as Al Kharid warriors, hill giants in the Edgeville Dungeon, or even moss giants in the Varrock Sewers and Crandor Island become suitable targets. They offer higher experience rates and drop valuable loot, such as big bones for Prayer training.

For those advancing to the higher echelons of Attack training, the Slayer skill becomes a go-to method. By engaging in Slayer tasks, you are directed to combat various monsters. The Slayer Tower in Morytania or the Kuradal's Dungeon are popular spots for these tasks. These monsters yield excellent combat experience and introduce you to valuable drops and unique combat mechanics. In the journey to mastering Attack, the choice of training spot and the monsters battled can significantly affect your progression speed and overall combat experience.

Levels 1-20

The initial journey from levels 1-20 in Attack is an introduction to the basics of melee combat and a rite of passage for many new adventurers. At this stage, you should primarily focus on low-level creatures that present minimal threats, making Lumbridge a great starting point. Chickens, found at the Lumbridge farm, are an excellent choice as they have very low hit points and almost no damage output. Plus, their feathers can be collected for later use or sale.

Another popular option is goblins scattered around Lumbridge and its neighboring areas. Their slightly higher hit points than chickens offer marginally better experience per kill. Cows in the Lumbridge cow pen are another worthwhile target. Not only do they provide decent experience, but their cowhides can be banked and either tanned for Crafting experience or sold on the Grand Exchange for a small profit. Equipment-wise, players typically begin with bronze or iron gear, both of which are affordable and offer modest stats suitable for this level bracket.

Levels 20-40

Progressing from levels 20-40 in Attack opens the door to better monsters and equipment. You can upgrade to mithril weapons at this stage, which offers improved accuracy and damage output. One popular training spot for this level bracket is the Barbarian Village, where you can challenge the aggressive barbarians inside the longhall. These barbarians drop beer, which can either be consumed for a slight Strength boost or sold.

Another good location is the Edgeville Dungeon, home to creatures like hobgoblins and hill giants. While often crowded, the latter are particularly lucrative due to their high hitpoints and the consistent drop of big bones, which can be sold for a tidy sum or used for Prayer training. If you like questing, completing the Tree Gnome Village quest can grant access to the Khazard Battlefield, where you can train on Khazard troops.

Al Kharid warriors, found in Al Kharid palace, are another viable option. They're aggressive to lower combat-level players, allowing for semi-AFK training. Though not particularly valuable, their drops can accumulate over time for a modest profit.

Levels 40-60

From level 40 to 60 in Attack, you’ll officially be at mid-level combat and have access to powerful rune weaponry. A popular location during this stage is the Taverley Dungeon, which houses a variety of monsters, including blue dragons, black knights, and lesser demons. While the blue dragons are often targeted for their valuable dragon bones and blue dragonhide drops, the lesser demons provide solid experience rates, making them a preferred choice for many players looking to train Attack.

Another notable spot is the Moss Giants in various areas, including Varrock Sewers and Crandor Island. Their decent hitpoints and relatively low defense offer a consistent experience. Moreover, the Security Stronghold's flesh crawlers and ankous become viable options, especially if you appreciate frequent rune and essence drops.

Levels 60-80

Advancing from levels 60-80 in Attack marks the player's ascent into advanced combat dynamics, wielding even better weaponry. At this stage, dragon weapons become accessible, with iconic choices like the Dragon Scimitar and Dragon Longsword offering notable boosts in damage and accuracy.

One prominent training location is the Slayer Tower in Morytania, where players can fight creatures like abyssal demons and gargoyles, each providing robust experience rates alongside valuable drops. The Slayer skill becomes an invaluable companion, directing you to a diverse range of monsters that will give you optimized experience gains while offering variety.

The introduction of the God Wars Dungeon presents an opportunity for team-based combat against powerful foes like the minions of General Graardor or K'ril Tsutsaroth, making it both a challenge and a lucrative training method. Additionally, the Chaos Tunnels serve as an ever-popular training ground with their plethora of creatures ranging from dust devils to fire giants.

Levels 80-99

The stretch from levels 80-99 in Attack represents the high end of melee combat training, where you can delve deep into the end-game content, challenging the most formidable foes and reaping significant rewards. At this pinnacle, you can wield elite weaponry, such as the chaotics from Dungeoneering or the coveted drygores obtained from the Kalphite King.

One of the prime training spots during this phase is the Abyss, with its dense clusters of multi-combat creatures allowing players to garner massive experience rates, especially when utilizing area-of-effect abilities. Tasks involving creatures like dark beasts and corrupted creatures in the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon become immensely beneficial, offering both impressive experience and substantial monetary gains.

Elite dungeons, like the Temple of Aminishi or the Shadow Reef, present opportunities for solo and group training, challenging players with a series of powerful enemies leading up to intense boss battles.

Other Training Methods

Dungeoneering: Combat Training With Daemonheim

Dungeoneering offers an intriguing blend of skill training, puzzle-solving, and combat within the sprawling labyrinth of Daemonheim. While many see Dungeoneering primarily as a skill-oriented venture, its combat facets provide a rich environment for Attack training. Within Daemonheim's ever-changing floors, you can encounter a diverse array of foes, from the deceptively dangerous stalkers to the hulking behemoths. This variety allows you to test your melee skills consistently.

Every floor cleared and boss vanquished offers Dungeoneering experience and significant combat experience. Attack training here is further enriched by the unique weaponry available within Daemonheim – gravite and chaotic weapons. For instance, the Chaotic Rapier is a powerful melee weapon players often strive to wield in their Dungeoneering ventures.

The environment's unpredictable nature and the need to adapt to varying combat scenarios make Dungeoneering an engaging and efficient method to train Attack, blending the thrill of exploration with the satisfaction of combat progression.


Minigames offer a break from traditional grinding and valuable ways for Attack training. Pest Control, set on the Void Knights' Outpost, is a team-based game where players defend against waves of invasive pests. In the process, you earn commendation points, which can be exchanged for experience in various skills, including Attack. This minigame offers a chance to improve combat and provides access to the coveted Void Knight equipment, enhancing combat capabilities.

Meanwhile, Barbarian Assault, situated at the Barbarian Outpost, is a cooperative game requiring a mix of combat and strategy. You can assume various roles, from attackers and defenders to collectors and healers, working in unison to repel the Penance creatures. Those taking on the attacker role can opt to gain Attack experience at the end of each wave, making it a dynamic way to train the skill. While diverse in their mechanics, both minigames provide engaging alternatives to conventional Attack training methods in RuneScape 3.

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