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[UPLAY] FULL ACCESS|LVL 267| KD 1| x1 Diamond|x6 Plat3 |x12 Black ices|x36 Pro League Skins |x17 Pro League Sets |x1 Elite| All Bp Max All Attachments

I Want to Sell

$ 475.00

  • 1. Check out and complete the payment
  • 2. Receive an email with the Game Account details
  • 3. Log in to the Game Account and verify description
  • 4. Confirm the delivery
  • 5. Seller gets paid

R6tab Link:
                            >>CLICK HERE<< 
Skins Link:
                           >>CLICK HERE<<
Black ices:
1: Sledge shotgun
2: Sledge main gun
3: Smg-11
4: Thatcher Ar33
5: 5.7usg
6: Glaz Main gun
7: Ak-12
8: IQ Aug
9: IQ Commando
10: IQ Lmg
11: Mute Mp5k
12: Kapkan Shotgun
Pro league skins:
1: Sledge Shotgun Virtus pro 20
2: sledge shotgun Rogue 19
3: Sledge main gun G2 19
4: Smg-11 Chaos ec 20
5: Smg-11 G2 19
6: G36C knights 20
7: Ash R4c Vitality 21
8: Ash R4C Empire 19
9: Thermite main gun Intz 19
10: Twitch F2 Sk gaming 18
11: Ak-12 Team Liquid 21
12: Buck Main Rogue18
13: Hibana main gun Bds 20
14: Hibana main gun Faze Clan 18
15: Jackal Main gun Nora Rengo 19
16: CAG 20 Zofia main gun
17: Zofia main Gun 21
18: Zofia team secret 20
19: Zofia main gun Tsm 20
20: Zofia Team Liquid 19
21: Mav Main gun Electrify 20
22: Nomad Ak-74M Fnatic 19
23: Smoke fmg 18
24: Doc mp5 Nora rengo 20
25: Jager Carbine Furia 20
26: Jager Carbine G2 20 full set
27: Jager Carbine Mibr 20
28: Jager Carbine NIP 21
29: Jager Carbine Rogue 19
30: Valk Mpx Faze Clan 21 Full set
31: Echo Main gun ssg 19
32: Mira immortals 18
33: Dark Zero Lesion 20
34: Vigil KIA Team Liquid 19
35: Maestro Main Gun ssg 19
36: Mozzie main gun navi 20
Pro league set:
1: Sledge
2: Thatcher
3: Ash
4: Buck
5: Mav
6: Nomad
7: Gridlock
8: Mute
9: Rook
10: Bandit
11: Cav
12: Vigil gun skin
13: Clash
14: Kaid
15: Mozzie
16: Goyo
17: castle headgare snd charm
1: Valk 
Esports skins:
1: Smoke

Cav sua siege set
All Attachment Skins All battlepass max and alot of streamer and og Charms
Account is with full access
Message me for further info 
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