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How to Get Palium Ore in Palia

how to get palium ore

How to Get Palium Ore in Palia

If you want to get yourself some high-tier furniture or upgrade your tools to Exquisite, chances are you’ll need Palium. Palium Ore is a rare material in Palia that you’ll need to craft Palium Bars, which you’ll then use for your upgrades or crafting sessions. Since it’s a late-game material, Palia hardly gives you any hint or location where you can find Palium. Lucky for you, we know a couple of methods that can increase your chances of mining the ore.

Farming Locations for Palium

You can only find Palium around Bahari Bay. Multiple nodes spawn in caves, caverns, and on cliff tops. One of the best locations to always find Palium is the Pavel Mines. To go there, head to the Bahari Central Stables first and go to the location where there’s a geyser. There are multiple node spawns around the base of the geyser, on the top, and around the edges.

Once you’ve collected all the nodes in the area, head to the west, towards the Flooded Fortress. You’ll find node spawns on the top of the cliff, just above the location. Then, for the next section of the route, go south, away from the cliff to the Pavel Mines. Make sure to check every nook and cranny within the Pavel Mines; don’t forget to climb on top of the area to get nodes that are less likely to be mined by other players.

Another shortcut to find Palium nodes is below Proudhorn Pass. To start, head east of Bahari Bay from Kilima Village. When you arrive at the location, take the path to the left towards the Ancient Aquaduct. You can climb the mountain from there to go to the geysers.

Here are other farming locations where you can mine Palium:

  • North of Statue Garden
  • The area between the Windy Ruins and Hideaway Buffs
  • Thorny Thicket

What Comes After

Once you’re done farming the Palium Ores and turning them into Palium Bars, exit then log back into the game. This ensures that the nodes will respawn. You might have to perform multiple server hops since other players also farm Palium. In our case, we had to hop into at least two servers repeatedly to spawn the Palium nodes.

How to Upgrade Your Pickaxe in Palia

At the start, you’ll only have the Makeshift Pickaxe, which can be unlocked by speaking to Hodari after finishing the “Welcome to Palia” quest. If you want to upgrade your Pickaxe (at least enough to where you can mine Palium), you’ll need to purchase the recipes with gold through Hodari. You have to reach the level requirements before you can buy them, though.

Here are all the pickaxes available in Hodari’s store:

  • Standard Pick
    • Requirements: Level 3 Mining
    • Cost: 250 Gold
    • Materials Needed to Craft: 1 Makeshift Pickaxe, 5 Copper Bar, 20 Sapwood Plank
    • Description: Deals more damage, can mine Iron Ore
  • Fine Pickaxe
    • Requirements: Level 6 Mining
    • Cost: 1,500 Gold
    • Materials Needed to Craft: 1 Standard Pickaxe, 5 Iron Bar, 10 Heartwood Plank
    • Description: Deals more damage, can mine Palium
  • Exquisite Pickaxe
    • Requirements: Level 9 Mining
    • Cost: 3,000 Gold
    • Materials Needed to Craft: 1 Fine Pickaxe, 2 Palium Bars, 5 Flow-Infused Planks
    • Description: Deals more damage

You must at least have a Fine Pickaxe to harvest Palium nodes. The Iron Bars can crafted using Iron Ore, while Heartwood Planks can only be obtained by giving a Fine Axe. If you’re having trouble saving up gold, you can try to join cake parties held by other people on your server or sell crops.

Additional Tips

  • Since Palium is a rare spawn, it can take about an hour in real time to respawn in the same area. While waiting, you can mine other types of ores within the vicinity or return to them after the waiting time is up.
  • You can reset the instance by fast traveling, rejoining the area from Kilima, or restarting your game. This will lead to joining a different server than your previous login.
  • If you don’t need to upgrade your tools or have no need for fancy furniture anymore, consider selling your Palium Bars. Palium Bars are worth a lot of gold in the game, so farming the material is one of the easiest ways to earn in-game currency while leveling up your Mining skill.

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