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Palia Tips & Tricks

  • how to get palium ore

    How to Get Palium Ore in Palia

    How to Get Palium Ore in Palia If you want to get yourself some high-tier furniture or upgrade your tools to Exquisite, chances are you’ll need […]
  • Palia Focus Guide

    Palia Focus Guide for Beginners

    Palia Focus Guide for Beginners If you’ve been playing Palia for a while now, you know that you’ll spend a lot of time honing your skills […]
  • palia gold farming

    Palia Gold Farming Guide

    Gold in Palia is used to purchase everything you need. From important recipes and materials to furniture and seeds for your plot. Gold is one of the m […]
  • Palia Farming Guide

    Palia Farming Guide

    Palia features a farming system that’s more complex compared to other life simulators. While you only have nine crops to choose from, they can a […]

Palia Accounts Offers

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