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Palia Farming Guide

Palia Farming Guide

Palia features a farming system that’s more complex compared to other life simulators. While you only have nine crops to choose from, they can alter your crop output—depending on where you plant them. As such, gardening can be a bit of a minefield if you’re trying to determine the best crop layouts, the highest-selling crops, and how to upgrade your gardening tools.

In this Palia farming guide, I’ll provide all the information you need to know to transform your barebones home into a bountiful plot. By maximizing the efficiency of your farm, you can constantly produce quality crops that can sell for a lot of gold.

Palia: How to Grow Crops

Early in the game, you’ll receive two free soil patches from Badruu, a hoe, and a watering can. A soil patch in Palia follows the basic 3x3 plot, which can hold up to nine crops at a time.

To start planting crops, equip your Hoe and hold down the left-click button while moving the Hoe around. This will unveil a dark, square patch within the soil where you can plant your seeds. Then, select the seeds you want to plant through your backpack (bottom right of the screen). You can cycle through your backpack until you see the seeds you want. Once you have the seeds selected, left-click it while you’re on the soil patch to see the outline of the plant. You can move your mouse around to navigate where you want to plant it. When you finally figured out where to place the seed, left-click again to plant it on the patch.

Once you have all your seeds planted, select your Watering Can and use it to angle a stream of water to your crops. Hold the position until the water meter above the seeds fills up. Voila! You’ve successfully grown crops. Check on your crops and water them regularly—preferably each in-game day, which begins at 6 AM. Since different crops mature on different days, visit your home now and then to see if you need to re-water them.

Palia Crop Bonuses List

Each crop in Palia awards bonuses to all adjacent crops within it, so long as they’re a different type. Here are all the crop bonuses available:

  • Cotton – Quality Boost
  • Potato – Water Retention
  • Tomato – Water Retention
  • Onion – Water Retention
  • Carrot – Water Retention
  • Appletree – Faster Growth
  • Blueberry – Faster Growth
  • Wheat – Harvest Boost
  • Rice – Harvest Boost

Palia Crop Layouts Explained

For example, if you plant a Tomato next to a Cotton, Rice, Carrot, and Potato, the Tomato you’ll harvest will have all the crop bonuses in the game. This is a late-game setup; you’ll first need to create a large plot of farmland. Plus, there’s also the matter of getting a lot of seeds.

If you plant a Tomato next to other Tomatoes, it won’t receive any bonuses. It’s the usual setup I’m used to doing in other farming games, but in Palia’s case, mixing up your crops is important. Avoiding two of the same crops next to each other is the way to go.

Now that you know how crop layouts work in Palia, planning an optimal layout for you is crucial to maximizing your output. You can refer to this compilation of community-made garden patterns to see the types of layouts you could do. For starters, the pattern made by Shepp Anitsirhc is the perfect layout if you want to grow a bit of everything, regardless of whether you have apples or blueberries. The different formats curated by users go into the nitty gritty of each effect that goes into different crops, how many days before you can harvest each of them, and more. I recommend you take a peak at the document before starting your gardening journey.

How to Get Seeds in Palia

If you need seeds, check out the General Store in Kilima Village. Owned by Zeki, you can get higher valued seeds in the store—such as blueberry and apple seeds—which can be unlocked after achieving level 10 in your gardening skill. However, instead of spending your hard-earned gold on seeds, why not invest in a Seed Collector?

The Seed Collector is a godsend for those that need seeds but don’t want to spend their money on them. The recipe for the Seed Collector can be unlocked from Badruu when you’ve reached gardening level 2. You can put the crops you’ve harvested on the Seed Collector and let it do its things. Depending on the crop you’ve plopped into the machine, it should spit out 1 to 5 seeds per crop.

Palia: The Best Crops to Plant

Apples and blueberries are the most profitable to grow in Palia, but there’s a catch: you need level 10 gardening to unlock it. Thankfully, tomatoes are another great alternative, especially if you want to increase your gardening level early in the game. You might think the price for tomato seeds is high but don’t forget that they can yield multiple harvests, meaning you can quickly make a profit.

To give you an idea of how much each crop sells, here’s a table on every seed and crop price in Palia so far:


Seed Price

Crop Price


45 Gardening Metals

Regular – 39 Gold

Star Quality – 58


280 Gardening Medals

Regular – 64 Gold

Star Quality – 96


80 Gold

Regular – 23 Gold

Star Quality – 34 Gold


23 Gold

Regular – 27 Gold

Star Quality – 40 Gold


25 Gold

Regular – 33 Gold

Star Quality – 49 Gold


15 Gold

Regular – 23 Gold

Star Quality – 34 Gold


20 Gold

Regular – 30 Gold

Star Quality – 45 Gold


40 Gold

Regular – 45 Gold

Star Quality – 67 Gold


40 Gold

Regular – 45 Gold

Star Quality – 67 Gold

Palia Tips & Tricks

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