OSRS Bonds, Membership and Runecoins

Contrary to popular belief, there’s another way to acquire OSRS membership without directly paying Jagex: through OSRS bonds. To know more about this special item that has helped change OSRS’s economy and the way players get access to exclusive content, read up.

What is OSRS Bonds?

An OSRS bond is an item bought from Jagex using real-life money, and can then be spent in-game for membership. It can also be traded with other players, which means you can buy and sell it for gold or even real-life money.

Aside from being used for membership time, it can also be spent for a display name change. While this can be done for free every 28 days, having an OSRS bond saves you the wait.

OSRS Membership Bonds

The number of days obtained through OSRS membership bonds on how many are used. For example, one bond yields 14 days, two yield 29 days, and three give 45 days. The extra days you get for paying more bond is meant to encourage players to buy and use three at a time when they’re signing up for membership.

Bonds can also be used to pay for Premier Club membership. Bronze lasts 90 days and costs 5 bonds, Silver for 180 days for 10 bonds, and Gold for 360 days for 20 bonds. For Premium, you don’t get any additional days for purchasing a longer length of membership, so choosing a Premium Membership tier is going to boil down to convenience.

How to Buy OSRS Bonds

If you have plans to buy OSRS bonds, it would be best to buy them from other players using either real-life money or in-game gold. With the former, sellers will sell them to you at a lower price, as they want to make sure that you buy from them instead of Jagex. Same goes with sellers here in PlayerAuctions.

As for gold, transactions happen either directly or through the Grand Exchange, and there is a certain measure as to how much gold is one OSRS bond. Pay attention to that exchange to make sure the OSRS bond price is worth the money. On the other hand, since you can also buy OSRS bonds through gold, you can also indirectly purchase them by buying gold first and then OSRS bonds after.

How to Sell OSRS Bonds

Or perhaps you’re looking to sell OSRS bonds instead of buying them. Selling is simply doing the exact opposite of buying them. If you’re selling them for gold, either you trade with players directly or go through the Grand Exchange.

If you’re selling it for money, the best place to do so would be here in PlayerAuctions. Simply log in or register and follow the prompt for selling OSRS items.

The World According to OSRS Members

There are lots of content that are exclusive to members, and that’s why a lot of players find it worth subscribing to. A good yet important example of that is the world map, whose explorable area for members is actually around three times much bigger.

There are lots of content that are exclusive to members, and that’s why a lot of players find it worth subscribing to. A good yet important example of that is the world map, whose explorable area for members is actually around three times much bigger.

Here are the areas that are accessible to members:

  • • Morytania – a swampland often associated to the dark arts, it is rife with vile being like vampyres, witches, werewolf, the undead, and other related folk. Its capital, Hallowvale, has been surrounded by a wall and turned into a blood farm.
  • • Kharidian Desert – a huge arid region south of Misthalin and Morytania, players are required to drink from either available sources or waterskins, save when in towns. Failure to do so will cause players to lose HP.
  • • Kandarin – one of the largest kingdoms in Gielinor, it is a wealthy and among the land’s most powerful. However, it is not without problems. In true adventurer tradition, you’ll be taking part in its solution.
  • • Tirannwn – a forest area to the west of Kandarin, it is the region that elves inhabit. It’s a treacherous place, so it requires level 56 Agility. Also, make sure to have items that remove poison.

There are also areas that, while not fully exclusively for members, do not give full access to free-to-play players.

  • • Karamja – the biggest island in Gielinor, it has a rather enjoyable tropical weather. For free-to-play players, only a small part of the island is accessible.
  • • Asgarnia – one of Gielinor’s most important kingdoms.

OSRS Membership Skills

However, a lot of members consider members-only skills to be the most important exclusives. There are eight member skills, which are the following:

  • • Agility – gives access to shortcuts, higher run energy restoration rate, as well as other related perks.
  • • Construction – allows players to build houses and furniture.
  • • Farming – a skill that enables players to plant and grow crops which they will eventually harvest its produce, or even the plant itself, and gain items in exchange.
  • • Fletching – gives players the ability to create ranged ammunition, especially with bows. Also creates the most important items for High Alchemy.
  • • Herblore – allows players to create potions from herbs and other sorts of items. Potion effects vary from one set of ingredients to another.
  • • Hunter – a non-combat skill that gives players the opportunity to catch animals and all sorts of creatures. Do note that you can get damaged white hunting.
  • • Thieving – makes players able to steal coins and items from market stalls, chests, and even from NPCs.
  • • Slayer – a combat skill that enables players to kill enemies that, without Slayer, would be impossible to even damage.

When it comes to utility and in-game quality of life, these skills are very important and a huge help. In fact, for a lot of players, these skills already justify having a membership.

On top of the new skills, you also gain new capabilities in free-to-play skills. For example, those with membership get to make Dragonstone and Onyx Jewellery with Crafting, create claws and crossbow arms, and access to Coal Trucks for Mining.

One of the most enjoyable content for members would be minigames. Aside from the fact that they’re fun boredom beaters, they’re also a great way to grind skills. Some examples include are the following:

  • • Agility Pyramid – a great way to earn money and level up Agility.
  • • Barbarian Assault – a combat minigame that gives players the chance to unlock new armour.
  • • Barrows – a rather tough minigame that rewards you with the Barrows armor, one of the best in the game.

There are twenty other minigames, and each of them has a unique mechanic and a worthwhile reward, so they’re definitely worth playing once you have membership.

What are Runecoins?

Other than membership, you can also use OSRS bonds to purchase Runecoins, items that are used to buy purely cosmetic items in Solomon’s General Store, the game’s cash shop.

One OSRS bond can get you 195 Runecoins. With a whopping exchange, you’re very much encouraged to use OSRS bonds when buying Runecoins.

Gold may be important in Gielinor, but you can enjoy even more things with OSRS bonds. So, what are you waiting for? Start earning those bonds so you can have access to everything Gielinor has to offer.

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