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OSRS Fire Giants Slayer Guide

OSRS Fire Giants Slayer

Fire giants are one of the early monsters you can kill to level up your slayer, and all the slayer masters assign them. They are the strongest category of giants and come into three levels varieties: level 86, 104, and 109.

They are an excellent pick for low and mid-level accounts looking to train Slayer or obtain the rune scimitar. Still, they can also be a decent source of Slayer XP for high-level accounts who want to AFK their Slayer task, even though their drop tables are not generous. You can find them in many places around Gielinor, making them very versatile since you can use a dwarf multi-cannon or safespot them.

Fire Giants Task OSRS: Pros and Cons

Like any other Slayer task, there are certain elements you need to consider before deciding whether to do the assigned fire giant task, skip it, or block it, especially since most of the Slayer masters assign them except Turael and Mazchna. Besides considering your combat level and how efficient you'll be with the tasks based on it and the gear you have, there are a few advantages and disadvantages of fire giants.


  • Safespottable
  • Cannonable
  • Aggressive
  • Good Slayer XP


  • No superior creature
  • No multicombat and cannon area
  • Not profitable

Choosing Your Combat Style

Choosing Your Combat Style

The fire giants are weak to all combat styles, so you can attack them with whatever you want to train. However, there are other location-specific considerations.

For example, many fire giant locations will allow you to use a dwarf multi-cannon, making the tasks faster and giving you more XP per hour at the cost of the cannonballs you use. It is best to use either melee or range when using a dwarf multi-cannon since the accuracy of the cannon is directly related to your range and melee accuracy, and if you're using magic, the accuracy of your cannon will be based on either your melee or ranged accuracy, whichever is higher.

Therefore, if you're using a cannon to speed up your Fire Giants task, it is best to use melee or range. If you're safespotting and use a cannon, you should use range, but if you don't have a cannon yet, or you're an ironman and you don't want to spend your cannonballs on this task, then you can either bring magic or range.

Melee Setup for Slaying Fire Giants

If you’re going to kill fire giants using melee, bring the best melee strength gear you own with your best weapon, even if that’s an adamant scimitar. Bring combat pots or super attack, super strength, super defence, pots, and food. Alternatively, when using melee, you can take the proselyte armour and use the protect from melee prayer to mitigate the damage. This is especially important if you're killing them in the catacombs of Kourend, a multi-combat zone where multiple fire giants will attack you simultaneously. Here, even if you have a high defence level, sustaining your hp with food is not a good strategy, and you'll have to restock way too often.

Ranged Setup for Slaying Fire Giants

If you use range, you can go as low as a rune crossbow combined with green dragonhide armour or your best range armour. Bringing range will allow you to safespot the giants in many locations. A dragon crossbow or a blowpipe are upgrades to your range gear that you can use for more efficient trips. When using range, you will be even more vulnerable to their melee attacks, so it’s wise to either safespot or use protect from melee.

Best Place to Kill Fire Giants OSRS

Best Place to Kill Fire Giants

The best location to kill Fire giants dramatically depends on your levels, what gear you own, and whether you want a speedy task, a really AFK task, or the best XP. Fire Giants are found in numerous locations around Gielinor, but you’ll only be able to find the stronger variety inside the Catacombs of Kourend and the Giants’ Den.

  • Brimhaven Dungeon
  • Stronghold Slayer Dungeon
  • Deep Wilderness Dungeon
  • Catacombs of Kourend
  • Giants’ Den
  • Karluum Slayer Dungeon
  • Smoke Dungeon
  • Waterfall Dungeon
  • Isle of Souls Dungeon

Best Fire Giants Location OSRS for AFKing

The best location to AFK fire giants is the Catacombs of Kourend. Here, multiple higher-level fire giants will attack you simultaneously, so you must always bring prayer ports and pray protect from melee. At level 99 prayer and with a prayer bonus of +15 (which you can get from the proselyte chest, legs, and any blessing), you’ll get approximately 7 minutes afk before your prayer runs out, or close to 4 minutes with 50 Prayer. You can use this Prayer drain calculator to see, specifically with your gear and prayer level, how much AFK time you have.

Remember to pick up the loot, which disappears after 3 minutes occasionally, and that you will need to reset the agro every 10 minutes by walking a couple of screens away and then back. Alternatively, if you have an ornate rejuvenate pool in your player-owned house, you can simply teleport, restore your prayer points, then teleport to Xeric’s heart and return to the fire giants’ spot. You will also be able to obtain dark totem pieces and ancient shards, which are only dropped here and inside the Giants’ Den.

Fire Giants With the Best XP Gains

The giants inside the Catacombs of Kourend and the Giant’s Den give you bonus Slayer XP. This means you should go to either of these locations if your goal is to gain Slayer XP. You can use a cannon inside the Giants’ Den, so even though the zone is not multi-combat, you can kill them faster than in the Catacombs. However, even though you will get the same prayer restore effect, you might not be able to AFK for as long as in the Catacombs since you will have to restock or repair your cannon occasionally. You can also safespot them here or combine cannoning and safespotting. A downside is that the Giants’ Den is far from the closest teleport.

The Fastest Task for Slaying Fire Giants

The Fastest Task for Slaying Fire Giants

The Karluum Slayer Dungeon is one of the best places for the fastest task. This is because there are 13 spawns in the room, and the best strategy is to turn off the auto-retaliate, then place the dwarf multi-cannon in the middle of the room and run in the hallway (safespot place) and let the cannon hit all of them.

If you stay in the room, the cannon will only hit the giant in combat with you. You can do the same strategies in the Island of Souls, but here, you’ll only have 8 fire giant spawns instead of 13. Going to the island of souls will also involve more running as the dungeon here is far from a teleport. However, the running distance will be similar if you haven't yet unlocked the agility shortcuts for the Karluum mountain and don't own Rada’s blessing.

Another thing to consider is that you'll only be able to bring the best boots you own inside the Karluum Slayer dungeon once you've completed the elite Kourend and Kebos diary. Until then, you will be restricted to using the Boots of Stone or Brimstone. If you own a pair of primordial or Pegasian boots and don't have the elite diary, you might be better off going to the Isle of Souls since you can deal more damage.

OSRS Fire Giant Drops

Fire giants are not generous on drops, but if you’re a low-level Ironman, they are great for getting the Rune Scimitar. They are also a good source of rune arrows and fire runes for Ironman. If you’re on a regular account, you will occasionally benefit from their high alch drops, the rune scimitar, and the ire battlestaff. They sometimes drop herbs, coins, and ensouled giant heads, which you should always bank, especially as an iron. They also have some untradeable drops, amongst which are the long bone and the curved bone at a meager rate, but they both represent a good source of Construction XP for Ironman and regular accounts, regardless of your level.

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