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Where to find Aquacore Ore MHW

mhw aquacore ore

If you want to upgrade your equipment in Monster Hunter World, you’ll need plenty of different materials. From bugs to ores, there’s always something to gather as you explore Astera and its unique biomes. Ores, in particular, are among the many components you should have to construct weapons and armor for your Hunter and Palico.

There are all sorts of variants—like Iron Ore, Dragonite Ore, and Lightcrystal—but it’s not made clear by the game from which areas or activities you can get them. Among all the ores, Aquacore Ore has a few specific uses, but it can be onerous to find if you’re unsure where to start your search. In this guide, I’ll be spilling all the details about the Aquacore Ore, including where you can find it and its use cases.

How to Use Ore in Monster Hunter World

Ores are one of the many classifications of components you’ll gather as you play MH World. It’s used to create weapons and armor. You can primarily farm ores from Mining Outcrops—these are crystals scattered all over the game’s hunting areas. To mine the outcrop, simply walk up to it and press the button prompt to gather the material.

You can get up to three ores per Mining Outcrop. Unlike in previous Monster Hunter titles, you don’t need to carry a pickaxe to mine them. Remember to use your map if you’re looking to locate multiple Mining Outcrops at a time. Once you’ve opened the map, click on the right stick to points that show the outcrops to have your Scoutflies take you to them.

Compared to Bone Piles, you can distinguish certain differences in ores: red and blue. The good news is that ores across areas tend to be the same. However, LR (Low Rank) and HR (High Rank) materials differ.

Aquacore Ore Location

You’ll want to go to the Coral Highlands to get Aquacore Ore. Simply progress through the story to unlock this location. This is the only place where you can farm Aquacore Ore. Once you’ve completed the introductory mission for this area, start an expedition to begin your search.

The Mining Outcrops for the Coral Highlands are in the following locations:

  • Area 8
  • Area 9
  • Area 10
  • Area 11
  • Area 12
  • Area 14
  • Area 15

Approach the Mining Outcrops that look like giant blue crystals and use your Pickaxe to start mining. Since each Outcrop yields three ores, you’ll have a decent chance of getting your hands on some Aquacore Ore with each swing. Aquacore Ore isn’t the rarest material in Monster Hunter World perse, but it can be tricky to get it, especially if RNG isn’t on your side. With that in mind, make sure you’re searching high and low to get plenty of it. If, for some reason, you still haven’t gotten any after going to all the areas listed above, you can wait for it to “refresh.”

What’s Aquacore Ore Used For?

You’ll need a lot of Aquacore Ore if you’re hoping to start crafting plenty of Charms. Here are the Charms that require at least one Aquacore Ore to create:

  • Windproof I
  • Artillery I
  • Attack I
  • Blaze I
  • Heavy Artillery I
  • Heavy Artillery II
  • Bleed I
  • Blight I
  • Botany I
  • Blessing I
  • Capacity
  • Defense I
  • Enervate I
  • Evasion I
  • Hungerless I
  • Health I
  • Extension I
  • Fire Attack I
  • Geology I
  • Glutton I
  • Flood I
  • Fortification I
  • Frost I
  • Friendship I
  • Sheat I
  • Shock I
  • Sleep I
  • Slinger I
  • Smoke I
  • Rally I
  • Recovery I
  • Speed Heal I
  • Stun I
  • Thunder Attack I
  • Tracker
  • Tranq I
  • Insect I
  • Intimidator I
  • Ironside I
  • Paralysis I
  • Performer
  • Poison I
  • Ice Attack I
  • KO I
  • Light Eater
  • Master’s I
  • Mirewalker I
  • Immobilize I
  • Whetstone I
  • Venom I
  • Water Attack I

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