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Players who need help when it comes to battling in a world of pure chaos can get their Lords Mobile Items before marching on to their next battle. Along with building tons of castles in their base, it’s important to have the right troops to use in the battle.

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2 Offers found
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Trading Information

How to Get Your Lords Mobile Items?

The most common way for players to get items in Lords Mobile would be by grinding or buying them from the official shop. The former, however, can take much time, and the latter can be quite pricey. Those who want to save time and money buying items they want, especially rare and important ones, can buy from other players instead.

Why Buy Lords Mobile Item Sets

In the dog-eat-dog world of Lords Mobile, finding allies within a Guild is quite a difficult task. Thankully, players can easily destroy all who stand in their path to total domination by buying Lords Mobile Items from players who sell them. Those who have tons of Hero Medals and heroes can sell them off and make a profit and at the same time help out buyers who are in need. After all, there are many heroes in Lords Mobile and each one offers different abilities. This way, both those that buy and sell benefit from the process.

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Option 2: In-game Mailbox delivery.

Some sellers will select the option to deliver gold or items directly to an in-game mailbox. This option is less popular for larger Games like WoW, but is still viable amongst other games. This option can be convenient for smaller orders because you do not need to coordinate time of delivery.

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About Lords Mobile Items

Lords Mobile Items Guide

When you prepare to fight a turf battle, you’ll want to first scout and see the best types of troops to use on the battlefield. Heroes each command their own kind of troops and if a battle, for instance, is best fought by range troops, then choosing a hero to fight with you that commands an army of range troops will increase your chances of winning.


There are a total of 44 heroes in Lords Mobile. 22 of them are free-to-play which means you can unlock/get them by completing in-game activities or gaining in-game currency. While 2 of them are event heroes, meaning they are only obtainable during in-game events. The remaining ones are “paid” heroes which you can only get by spending real money.

Setting Up Your Team and Lords Mobile Resources

Setting up a balanced team is not a fixed formula. There’s not really a surefire way to make an unbeatable team. Balance is the key here. Your goal should be forming a team of heroes that consists of every archetype. To do this, you should pick heroes that belong to each archetype and focus on leveling them up. Once they reach a certain level, you can use them to form your very own “dream team”.

For the Agility archetype, we recommend you choose Trickster. Since Trickster is a support type of hero and gives a bit to your energy points, research speed, and energy regeneration. These are important, especially at the beginning of the game. His skills are effective—even if you do not deploy him. Instead, keep him in your castle more often than sending him out into battle to benefit from the boosts.

For the Strength archetype, choose Rose Knight. Rose Knight is the classic “paladin” type of hero. She can heal allies, reduce the damage they receive, and increase the health of cavalries. She should be the one that leads your armies.

And finally, for the Intelligence archetype, picking Prima Donna is highly-recommended. Prima Donna is considered the “best” hero in the game by many players. This is because she has an amazing healing power that applies to all allies and an ability that increases the attack power. Her healing spell recharges faster when she gets attacked. Put her in the second line of your armies to let her heal almost every one of your troops.

What is Bus in Lords Mobile?

A bus is a temporarily organized guild specially designed to provide hundreds of guild gift chests for the passengers in a short amount of time (it usually takes around 1 hour to finish). Since the guild is temporary, you’ll always be paired with people at random whenever you join a bus. Recently, it has been discovered to be the most cost-effective and quickest way to grow in the game.

Buses are so popular nowadays because compared to a normal guild, buses are fairer when pairing you up with other people inside the randomized guild. A normal guild can’t force members to kill a substantial amount of monsters. Some members will have better hunter equipment than you, thus have more capabilities to kill more monsters. While if you only have basic hunter equipment, you’ll only be able to kill less—which is ultimately unfair for weaker hunters. Neither is it good when it comes to growing your character.

For hunters, the bus ensures that everyone gets to kill the same amount of monsters in the guild. By joining a bus every day, you can easily finish growing in the game and it will only cost you about three to four fortune packs to get the energy needed.

How Do I Join A Bus?

To join a bus, simply buy a bus ticket. Be sure to apply the ticket to the bus guild at the scheduled time and wait for the bus to depart. Once you’re in the bus, you’ll automatically receive a gift chest right from the get-go. Before you go back to your own guild, open all of the chests you have collected in the bus since they’ll expire when you exit.

What are Gift Chests?

By joining a bus, you’ll be receiving hundreds of gift chests filled with rare loot in it. You can get items like gems, speed ups, VIP items, equipment materials, resources, guild tokens, and many more. All in all, almost every item you can get is available by opening these chests. The amount and quality of the items you’ll get on these chests depends solely on luck.

There are three types of gift chests that you can get on a bus:

  • Monster Loots – This type of chest typically comes from monster hunting and comes in different variations depending on the level (levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). Here, you’ll be getting monster hunting related items like shields, equipment materials, and resources to craft weapons. Monster loots also give a few keys that are needed to open big boxes.
  • Bonus Chests – Bonus chests are given as a bonus whenever you buy a package (ex: five bus tickets for the price of four) like the white, green, blue, purple, and golden package from the in-game store. It’s almost the same as the monster loots, but bonus chests essentially give you more keys.
  • Big Boxes – Perhaps the granddaddy of all gift chests whenever you join a bus. Since the items inside are valuable, they require keys for you to open them (with some requiring more than others). In big boxes, you can get VIP items, exclusive currency like gems, and other much rarer resources.


Gems are the exclusive in-game currency of Lords Mobile. You can get gems by playing the game. Unfortunately, it’s not much so most people opt to buy gems with real money. Gems can be used to upgrade your buildings but can also be used to buy p2p buildings (such as the battle hall) which are important aspects of the game. Besides buildings, you can also use gems on heroes (bravehearts) in order to get better arena rewards.

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