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How to Sell Lords Mobile Items in PlayerAuctions

  1. Register/log in as a seller.
  2. Upload all of your Lords Mobile items offers in our system.
  3. Once you have found a seller, delivery the item/s to him/her.
  4. Get paid once the buyer confirms the delivery of the payment.

Lords Mobile: How to Gift Items (Send/Transfer Items)

You can either set up a location and time to meet up with the buyer in-game and from there you can proceed to trade the items. If you intend to meet up with the buyer’s character in order to receive the items that you have ordered, then we recommend having a face-to-face delivery with the buyer. However, you can also opt to do a mail delivery (if it is applicable to the game) for a more convenient way to deliver the item to the buyer so you don’t have to meet with the buyer at a certain time and location.

What Lords Mobile Items Should I Sell?


In Lords Mobile, you can use gems to buy a quite lot of special things, including all kinds of resources such as Revival Fruit, Royale Pass, and more. While Lords Mobile has Crystals as its currency, gems are limited wherein you can get exclusive and limited chests/heroes through it as opposed to using Crystals. Gems are important for buyers as they can use it to gain more hearts/energy in the game in order to continue playing as well.

Guild Gifts

Guild Gifts can be received whenever you or your guild members kill a monster on the world map or spend money in the game. When a Guild Gift is opened, the player will stand a chance to gain some gems and better rewards compared to a normal chest.

Why Sell Lords Mobile Items in PlayerAuctions?

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