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Top Fortnite Streamers on Twitch

Check out the top Fortnite streamers who regularly provide content to Fortnite Twitch. If you're new to the world of Fortnite and aren't sure which Fortnite streamers you should be watching, this is a great place to start. Watching popular Fortnite streamers can help you develop your gameplay, learn new techniques and strategies, and keep you entertained while you take a break from the fight!
Most Popular Fortnite Streamers Worldwide 2024

Fortnite Twitch streamers easily represent what streaming is all about: unscripted Battle Royale clutches, the world’s flashiest kills, eclectic structure platforming, and the most insane Fortnite “pwning” only a Tfue stream can deliver. If you’ve ever wondered why some people today are NOT playing games and are just watching them instead, you just need to be graced by the streams of Ninja, Pokimane, Dakotaz, or DrLupo to be a believer.

We present to you: The PlayerAuctions Picks for the Top Fortnite Streamers on Twitch TV

  • 1) Ninja - The reigning champion and the person who revolutionized Fortnite streaming. He started out as a Halo 3 professional player and eventually branched off to other games. It’s very simple for us: if a pair of Adidas AND a Fortnite skin was designed after you, you KNOW you’ve made it!
  • 2) Tfue - Regarded as one of the most skilled and popular Fortnite streamers ever, in terms of presence and popularity, he is almost at par with Ninja—even being in an argument with him at some point. A proponent of removing aim assist for Fortnite (“booo!” —console players), Tfue’s series of online dramas are just as explosive as his skills on live streams.
  • 3) DrLupo - We give the 3rd spot to our down-to-earth streamer, DrLupo. Metrics-wise, he has the fanbase and skills, but what sets the doctor apart (not a real doctor, though his father is) is his non-gaming streams. He occasionally takes a break and engages with the more oh-so normal aspects of life—and we like it.
  • 4) Dakotaz - The enigmatic Brett Hoffman, known to many by name but not by face, normally prefers to do his streams without showing his face. He takes a more mature stance when it comes to discussing his streams and talking to people, giving his channel a more wisdom-y, laid-back vibe.
  • 5) Pokimane - Did you really think we’d forget the darling of the bunch? Eternally bright and upbeat, Pokimane’s streams are the ones you go to for a dash of positivity. Her name is a combination of Imane, her real name, and Pokémon, her favorite outside Fortnite. You’d be wrong to think she’s all about just being cute—she absolutely SLAYS, too.

It takes a considerable amount of skill and practice to be good at games like Fortnite Battle Royale, but to actually be consistent and deliver it on a live stream is an entirely different matter. They may rise and fall at different ranks every month, but make no mistake: all Fortnite streamers you see in this list deserve their spot.

How to stream Fortnite on Twitch?

Streaming Fortnite on Twitch requires three things: (1) an account where Fortnite is hosted free-to-play, (2) a account for the streaming service, and (3) a broadcasting service that integrates your steaming hardware to Twitch. You need to download Fortnite from and set up an account there. Once that’s done, you need to create a account where you’ll get a “stream” code—you will be inputting this code into your broadcasting service so you can finally start streaming.

How to connect Fortnite to Twitch?

You simply need to login to with an account and go to “Connected Accounts”. Click on the “Connect” button, followed by “Link your Account”; you will be prompted to login your account. Do so, then click on “Authorize” to complete this quick and easy process.

How much money do Fortnite streamers make?

The world’s most famous Fortnite streamers make around an average of $50,000+. This number can vary greatly since it’s heavily dependent on the number of subscribers, online presence and rate of activity, as well as various factors including brand endorsements and collaborations with companies. It’s important to note that less famous streamers can still make money as long as they’re able to get subscribers on

What are streamers in Fortnite?

Fortnite streamers are gamer celebrities known for exclusively playing Fortnite: Battle Royale online and live. Their platform of choice is, but some streamers can also be on YouTube. These streamers are revered for their dynamic Battle Royale skills, being able to use guns and traps at their optimal range, making good use of structures to barricade themselves, and seamlessly transitioning between these gameplay mechanics to perform live gaming feats across the globe. These Fortnite pros are able to monetize their performances by asking Twitch users for a subscription of the platform and consequently being paid by Twitch as “Twitch Partners”.

What does Streamer Mode do in Fortnite?

Streamer Mode is a convenient feature in Fortnite that can be toggled ON when a match starts. It provides the player anonymity by hiding his/her character name, preventing him from being ganged up on or singled out by other players due to the player’s fame. While not an end-all feature guaranteed to keep out obnoxious stream disruptors, it’s a perfect opportunity for streamers to stave off would-be harassers and be allowed to stay in the game far longer to ensure the stream activity goes on unimpeded.

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