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How to Get ESO Indrik Mounts

ESO Indrik Mount

How to Get ESO Indrik Mounts

Collecting mounts in Elder Scrolls Online is one of the game's most prominent features. These rideable creatures offer players a way to easily travel between several locations and provide an additional storage area. Their appearance and functionality make collecting rare mounts more popular in Tamriel. You might have heard of “Indrik Mounts” once or twice if you are a purely free-to-play gamer. They are some of the best F2P steeds in the game, and this guide will show you how to collect all of them. 

What are Indrik Mounts

Indrik Mounts are a particular type of steed with multiple variations, and each can only be acquired during certain seasons. Initially, they were only obtainable during certain in-game occasions from 2018 to 2020. The seasonal mounts have permanently returned to the game after the June 2022 High Isle Update. 

Not every Indrik Mount is available at the same time. Only select variations will be open for exchange depending on the ongoing events of that season, so if you are looking for a specific type, make sure the one you are trying to collect is available during that time. Otherwise, players will have to wait until the appropriate season comes along. 

Where to Get the Indrik Mounts

The seasonal mounts can be obtained by exchanging certain event currencies with the Indrik Vendor, Nenulaure. You do not need to use ESO gold in the transaction, as she only accepts time-limited tokens obtained during the current season. Nenulaure will only appear during certain events at the Belkarth in Craglorn. If you are still looking for her in the settlement, all active festivities are related to the Indrik shop.

What are the Types of Indriks?

Technically, there is only one Indrik, the base model Nascent Indrik. However, this mount has several customization options, which you can collect later. Each variation is available during specific events and seasons, so if you are looking for a specific one, you should know when they are most likely to appear. Here are the other types of Indriks in the game:

  • Spring Events
    • Dawnwood Indriks
    • Spectral Indriks
  • Summer Events (until Zeal of Zenithar)
    • Luminous Indriks
    • Icebreath Indriks
  • Autumn Events (before The Witches Festival)
    • Onyx Indriks
    • Mossheart Indriks
  • Winter Events (until the end of the year)
    • Pure-Snow Indriks
    • Crimson Indriks

These mounts can be obtained freely by participating in the current associated event. 

How to Get the Indriks

To collect each type of Indrik, you will need to collect Event Tickets during seasons the vendor is active, but you need to acquire the base model first. You need four materials to summon the Nascent Indrik, each of which will cost five Event Tokens. Ensure your farm has enough of this currency so you don’t have to go back and forth with the vendor. Here is everything you need to get the base Indrik model:

  • Emerald Indrik Feather
  • Gilded Indrik Feather
  • Onyx Indrik Feather
  • Opaline Indrik Feather

Once you have acquired all of them, you can activate one in your Collections menu, which will start the process of combining them. You can gain the Nascent Indrik afterward. Now that you have the base model, your next step is collecting its variations. You will need to collect berries to activate each, which you can also obtain from Nenulaure. Here are the other types of Indrik Mounts and their required materials:

  • Spring Events
    • Dawnwood Indriks – Dawnwood Berries of Bloom, Dawnwood Berries of Budding, Dawnwood Berries of Growth, and Dawnwood Berries of Ripeness
    • Spectral Indriks – Spectral Berries of Bloom, Spectral Berries of Budding, Spectral Berries of Growth, Spectral Berries of Ripeness
  • Summer Events
    • Luminous Indriks - Luminous Berries of Bloom, Luminous Berries of Budding, Luminous Berries of Growth, and Luminous Berries of Ripeness
    • Icebreath Indriks - Icebreath Berries of Bloom, Icebreath Berries of Budding, Icebreath Berries of Growth, and Icebreath Berries of Ripeness
  • Autumn Events
    • Onyx Indriks - Onyx Berries of Bloom, Onyx Berries of Budding, Onyx Berries of Growth, and Onyx Berries of Ripeness
    • Mossheart Indriks - Mossheart Berries of Bloom, Mossheart Berries of Budding, Mossheart Berries of Growth, and Mossheart Berries of Ripeness
  • Winter Events
    • Pure-Snow Indriks - Pure-Snow Berries of Bloom, Pure-Snow Berries of Budding, Pure-Snow Berries of Growth, and Pure-Snow Berries of Ripeness
    • Crimson Indriks - Crimson Berries of Bloom, Crimson Berries of Budding, Crimson Berries of Growth, and Crimson Berries of Ripeness

Each berry is quite costly, as they cost around ten Event Tickets. In total, you would need approximately 40 tokens for each model, which means you have to generate about 320 Even Tickets to collect all of them. Fortunately, you don’t need to burn yourself out from collecting an insane amount of seasonal currency since you can only obtain two Indrik Mounts per season. 

Once you have collected all the Indrik variations, you can change your Nascent Model's appearance at any given time. If you have extra tokens in your inventory, you can exchange them with Indrik pets related to the current mounts available in the shop. Use your steeds and companions to get the whole seasonal experience.


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